Cartersland Camp-1:76 (OO-9) Military NG-UK

First World War troops having fun away from the front


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The model of a fictional railway in a real place in West Sussex close to the Liphook & District MRC club-room.. It will be my first layout in OO-9

Covering the design, construction and hopefully exhibiting of the model.

The setting is a training camp,  established during the First World War to train sappers and soldiers in trench warfare, operation of railways in forward areas and latterly in tank warfare

This layout when built is intended for home layout- low priority


The new baseboard, with back scene with hole in far left hand corner for track to gain access to fiddle yard running along whole length at rear.
The top pelmet will have a signboard. Behind the pelmet is an “egg crate” construction in plywood which will support LED lighting in plastic gutter reflectors
The baseboard with scenic back scene attached splits into two and creates a box. The fiddle yard also packs into one carrying unit
Cartersland Baseboard
Cartersland Baseboard

2014 newly built baseboard assembled for first time in MVMH

 We have sourced pictures of Bramshott Camp in WW1, when the Canadians occupied buildings on the common and used Liphook Station  as the rail-head. This arrangement was repeated in WW2
This picture is along the road which later became the A3
Bramshott Camp First WW
Bramshott Camp  WW1
Another camp as an example- this time Witley.
Witley Camp WW1
Witley Camp WW1
We will need to add to the plan of the layout the “Milland” buildings that place the camp in the village.  One of the following-The Rising Sun , Butchers shop with abattoir at the rear etc
This will bring a couple of issues into sharp focus. Is the layout to be set in WW1 or in WW2 when the Canadians may have moved in. It will also decide the buildings to use. Current pub building put up in the Thirties by Brickwoods or previous building by local brewers?
AMBULANCE TRAIN – Standard Gauge

A First World War ambulance train by Bachmann has been obtained from Hattons- this will be a non-moving part of the layout i.e on the representation of the fictional Liphook- Midhurst branch of the L&SWR (Standard Gauge) at Milland Marsh Halt (for Cartersland Camp & Hollycombe Estate)


For rolling stock this layout will rely heavily on the products of Minitrains, Peco and Heljan to produce the feel of WD railways and L&SWR.


 This layout has been removed from the Milland Valley Railway Modellers list, but remains on my home layout list,but is very much subject to available space

October2020/February 2022 As a home layout/occassional exhibition layout  the legs will be removed  and the  canopy can easily be converted to form another baseboard!

Revised/updated November 2019/Further revised October 2020/February 2022