Walmington on Sea-1:43(O) UK

 Layout plan– excerpt from Gauge O Guild publication Small Layouts layout called “Rivendell”

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Proposed new  layout

The following was a proposal put to the L&DMRC club committee in early 2016

Team members: Martin Hill & Tony Bettger

Progress to date (March 2016):

Report prepared

Action: To be submitted formally to committee for action with additional info re progress on reclaiming track from old layout




Our club has, since its inception, a membership interest in 0 scale. Early members were part of the first 200 members of the Gauge O Guild (GOG), founded in 1956, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary. Our club currently still has an 0 scale layout in storage at Martin Hill’s, but a decision must soon be reached about its future, as the area used for the storage of around 8 sections is earmarked for other uses.

To our knowledge there are 2 club members who have British DC stock, one of which also has continental DCC stock & US DC stock.

The current layout measures approximately 12200 x 915 in assembled state. Included is a double track through station, goods & engine shed, together with Peco points and track. Fiddle yard at one end & sector plate at the other. DC electrical controls & control panel box.


To reclaim track & points for possible re-use (subject to inspection)

To scrap the baseboard sections. They are extremely heavy & were well constructed. They did however spend several years in unheated hardly weather-tight conditions.

DC electrical items are time expired. The controller/s are not 0 gauge rated but could be re-used for an 00 layout or sold to a member.

To construct a new layout of modest size 3600 x 610, named provisionally WALMINGTON ON SEA. Terminus to rear located fiddle yard- Southern Railway to match stock available. This would be the first new layout the club has proposed in Gauge 0 for nearly 20 years



A track layout has been chosen from the GOG booklet Small Layouts. A copy of the plan forms part of this proposal.



  1. A) Plywood laser cut self-assembly kit, each section of which measures 915 x 610 (4 sections). The baseboard top 9 mm thick


B)3 mm MDF laser cut self-assembly kit, each section of which measures 1220 x 610 (3 sections)

The baseboard top mm thick

See http://www.timhorn.co.uk/  for details. Also a sample of a small section will be available for inspection


Metal folding adjustable (height) trestles- already available


Kits & scratch built buildings already available


Clearly there is insufficient storage space at the MVMH currently and there is unlikely to be more forthcoming The sections will be stored for the foreseeable future off site in non club premises in Milland., clearly marked as property of L&DMRC.


One or two cars


2, preferably 3 operators


Baseboards A) £255                     B) £195

Track-                                            £100

O Gauge DC controller (double unit) £160

Wiring & Switches                             £30

Lighting canopy                               £100

Buildings & Scenery                           £20

Contingency                                      £60

TOTAL                                             £665


Although this is intended as a club layout we are not intending to seek full funding from club funds.

We are suggesting that the club contributes £200, which would enable the baseboards to proceed rapidly. We will also seek a contribution from the Gauge 0 Guild through their grant scheme, although our small numbers of 0 gauge devotees may be a hindrance. Other items would be procured by team members. Adequate rolling stock is already available


Copy of layout plan

Copy of sample GOG Application form for Financial Assistance

The above was submitted to the committee, but as far as I know no discussion took place, no decision was forthcoming or communicated back!

Following progress:

29th April All track reclaimed from old baseboard sections & baseboards burnt

29th April Existing buildings to be checked for re-use or sale  These items + a few 1:43 scale road vehicles & quantities of  track sections are currently in the club store for transfer to storage off site shortly. Martin H now only holds points in store.-

August/September Notice in Guild News re appeal for new member/s interested in small gauge O club layout- submitted- to appear. Announcement duly appeared, but no expressions of interest were received

November 2016 Following my resignation from the club, I was hoping to continue with this project (with hopefully Martin involved), but obviously not using club funds as originally proposed & it therefore will not be a club layout. The hope was that the layout could appear in an operational, but not complete form at the L&DMRC Model Trains in the Valley event on the 29th October 2017.  This was not realised and buildings, models & track, still in the ownership of the L&DMRC were returned.

December 2016  This layout is one of several on the “to choose from” list to construct as part of “Building a Model Railway 2017 Group” of Liphook U3A (subsequently withdrawn )

It is hoped to re-introduce this layout concept as a Milland Valley Railway Modellers project at some point in the future


Milland Valley O Gauge Modeller  https://www.facebook.com/vetmogm/

Milland Valley Railway Modellers https://www.facebook.com/LiphookBAMRG/

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