Bedford Falls-1:87(HO) US

 US trolley line/inter-urban 1940’s  –“Bedford Falls Crossing” with back yard supplies shop & “victory garden.”    using a base (1) 410 x 350 ex Weyford scenic board

A fictitious location in small town upstate New York. Its still wartime but close to VE day. Americans are already awaiting the end of rationing. No eight year wait for them! They travel to work each day by trolley into a nearby city or catch the inter-urban in 20 years it will all be gone and the car will be king.

7th August The  diorama base has been selected- and work will soon start on the scenic work.

26th November  The name & location changed following a showing of “Its a Wonderful Life”  reminded me that this was a good name for an American set layout. As film buff’s will know Bedford Falls isn’t shown with any trolley cars, but the main street had a central area of trees and grass which would have made an ideal “reserved track” area. The town is shown having a railroad depot so the crossing of railroad tracks(NYC?) would be involved.

Oct 2020- No progress to date