BRM “Cake Box Challenge” October 2019-“Holidays”

This was a British Railway Modelling magazine competition in a series, using as a basis the size of a cake box* as the limiting factor, which was judged in October 2019. We did not compete

(* Size 200mm x 200mm x 150mm high- 8″ x 8″ x 6″ high)

The scene will be set in Sea View Terrace, Railway Street, East Bognor , an end terraced house, whose small front garden would look out onto the sea front, if it wasn’t for the railway! . Outside in the street is a car which hasn’t moved for some years and its tyres are now some distance below the road level, because it wasn’t moved when the road was resurfaced over several years. A British Railways van is outside delivering or collecting “Holiday Luggage in Advance” and a family group are arguing with a spiv called Sid. It is the 1950’s. Any similarity to Hancock’s Half Hour is intended even though that was set in Railway Cuttings East Cheam!,

The subject is “Holidays” and at least two railway items must be included. Scale not defined- probably will be N scale

Progress reports/photographs will be added as necessary

Oct 2020 No progress to date- but a good candidate for a winter project for a new lockdown!