Berlin Undivided 1:150 (N) DE

The area around Friedrichstrasse in the present day- the railway station buildings are the same as in “Danger Border Ahead”, but in a better state than when it was when it was the major crossing point between East & West Berlin.

I hope to use laser cut baseboard kit  and the trams will be powered Kato models of modern image Berlin Trams!

I was able to visit the prototype station on a visit in October 2019, but unfortunately without a camera or my phone (long story!)

From tourist notes-Also worth searching out is the small memorial by Friedrichstraße station. It shows the two sides of the railway’s role during the Nazi era in Germany, from the evacuation of 10,000 Jewish children to England in 1938 on the one side, to the many others who were deported by train to the concentration and extermination camps of the Third Reich on the other.

I hope we can incorporate a representation of this memorial on the dioramas

November 2020- Scale changed to N and model trams changed to Kato