DIORAMAS PROGRESS – (Home projects)

To try out layout themes, I’ll be constructing some dioramas around a common theme. The size of the dioramas must be no larger than 500 x 500 x 500 high
The bases are constructed from ex Weyford on Sea scenery bases- which were never used- hence the odd sizes

Some are an interpretation of the same scene set in different countries, showing  some  of the range of prototypes covering my interests

The common theme- Railways, Cross Roads & Gardening
The dioramas I hope to try-
A) 1:87 scale: US trolley line/inter-urban 1940’s  –“Bedford Falls” with back yard supplies shop & “victory garden.”  (Base 1-  410 x 350 max)

B) 1:76 scale:  UK – A 1940’s scene –“If the railway had come to the valley” (If proposed Midhurst to Haslemere had been built) at “Linch & Redford  Halt”- change for Hollycombe Estate, railway halt on embankment, cross roads  + allotment, war memorial (Base 3- 430 x 500)

C) 1:87  scale: France “August 1944″ cross roads with level crossing and  halt- with petanque game in progress.  Set in 1944 – the allies have broken out of the D-Day landing areas and are about 2 weeks away from entering Paris ( Base 2- 400 x 400)                                                                                                            

D) 1:45 scale: German “Muhle Land Haltepunkt(Hp)” cross roads/ level crossing & halt alongside  Schrebergärten.  (allotment) (Base 4- 500 x 500)

The size 500 x 500 represents  22.5 metres square in 1:45 scale (European O scale), 28 metres square in  1:76 scale (OO scale) & 43.5 metres square in 1:87 scale (HO scale)


During construction it is being photographed as a construction guide.  When complete it will be used as an illustration on the front of a club or home  Christmas card-

SECOND – Type C  AUGUST 1944
A station bar, a level  crossing and on the other side of the line a boule (petanque) terrain.
Games are underway and its a nice evening so some of the villagers have come along to watch and have a glass of wine at the station bar, when they are diverted by some British & Free French forces passing through and it turns into an “ad-hoc” liberation  celebration!
Very French and all in  a 400 mm square.
The plan is drawn and we are committed to showing this at  Milland Gardening Club’s annual summer show on August 11th- (see below) to publicise the new village Petanque Club.

I showed an “in progress” example  “If the railway had come to the valley” (“Linch & Redford Halt”)  at  the Milland Gardening Club’s Annual Show on the 13th  August 2016. If entered it would have been in “Division 4a Class 62 Men Only- Any article in any material, excluding those listed in the schedule,  no bigger than 500 x 500 x 500 high”

The first such experiment will be a tram layout based in Berlin called “Danger Border Ahead” which uses buildings & ideas developed for the local club’s Friedrichstrasse layout. We shall be using one or more laser cut plywood baseboard “kits” as the basis.
Other layout or scenic ideas might be developed through this method. These will be more like Wealden Railway Group small/micro layouts with some operation, rather than pure dioramas.

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