St Marc Quais-1:87(HO) F

A layout not leaving home
This Blog replaces the Google+ page of similar name. Some existing content was transferred from that site in Early April 2016. All subsequent content is new.
A new, for me, model railway excursion into Continental outline modelling

 A French outline layout of a cross channel port in the 50’s & 60’s before the Channel Tunnel.

This layout may be connected to my French branch line terminus Saint Marc sur-Mer also planned

Cover photo
Dieppe- Concrete station buildings in background
The layout will use the existing “Docks” boards from the former Weyford layout measuring approx 3660 x 400. The width may be increased to 500.
Additionally new boards will be constructed to continue to a fiddle yard, so that the complete layout will be L or U shaped. These new boards will be 2-  scenic sections + 2-  fiddle yard sections.
The station buildings and adjoining street scene of the maritime station will be based loosely on the former Dieppe Maritime station.
The whole layout will be mounted on Ikea timber shelving system (Ivar) 1240 high x 500 wide in its home location.
Dieppe, on which the layout will loosely based, had a fine example of early post war French concrete buildings. Unfortunately with the port being downgraded and the railway facilities removed, post the Channel Tunnel opening, this building was demolished. I hope to create a  station building model  of similar appearance for the layout
24th April 2016
The decision has been taken not to re-use the “Weyford Docks” baseboards and these will be offered for sale complete with track ,wiring and point motors. The top shelf of the Ivar system will be part of the baseboard structure with a light-weight ply egg crate fixed directly to it.- Sketch to follow
9th May 2016
Four bays of 3 shelves each  of the Ivar system have been erected & positioned to date. One bay outstanding, creating an L shape. Further bays to be ordered.
December 2016
Time to pause & review, particular the decision not to re-use the Weyford Docks sections.There were no takers for the sections in the L&DMRC- it would be a waste to scrap them. I was concerned that the sections might be too heavy for the shelving system.
February 2017 A brief trial to see if it is a real problem has been undertaken and all seems OK, but it is still a pain for me to move layout sections on my own.
September 2017 With the purchase of two metal framed work benches from e-bay and the near completion of the Ikea shelving I have, I am nearer to releasing some space for this layout. I believe using Tim Horn sections will much better so just need to work out how to use his standard sections relative to the shelving. The existing baseboards will be stripped of useful items (mostly point motors and electrical items plus points-if they can be removed without damage) I will consider sawing the sections into manageable sections for use as micro layouts or dioramas but this may not prove practical.