South Kensington SR- 1:76(OO) UK

Sign at entrance to the Underground station


A layout not leaving home

This blog replaces a Google+ page of a similar name. Content was transferred in early April 2016 and has been subsequently added to  and revised.

Based on a proposal for an additional (new) London terminus for the London & South Western Railway in the mid 1880’s. The model will be set in the late 1940’s to mid 1950’s. It is assumed that the station was badly damaged during WW2 but has been rebuilt to a design that was proposed in the late 30’s in art deco style.

The last Southern Art-Deco design….?

KENSINGTON is one of those “might have been” proposals and was the scheme that was finally replaced by the District line terminating at Wimbledon. In the South Kensington scheme of the 1880’s a completely new line was to be constructed from Surbiton to the District line at Putney Bridge, with stations at Kingston Fairfield, Malden, Roehampton, Putney Heath and East Putney. The line was to cross and have a junction with the L&SWR line from Clapham Junction to Putney, Mortlake , Richmond etc.  so could have provided an alternative route to and from Waterloo.

The L&SWR would have reached its own terminus at South Kensington over lines of the District. For its part the District would have running rights over the new line to Surbiton.

An article in the South Western Circular+ gave me a ready-made idea, although my model will be slightly different to the solution in the article. It also gives an excellent excuse to use Heljan models of the Metropolitan Bo-Bo, recently available.


The space available for the station layout area, excluding Fiddle yard , is 3640 x 500.
2019 All the baseboards were constructed in sections of no more than 1220 long supported on top of Ikea drawer units. Unfortunately these were used to speed along construction of East Hants Link, when the decision was made to move away from Ikea toy boxes!
The baseboards for the FY  were not  built. The layout is likely to live in a different shaped area, so may be just a straight end to end layout
Some first thoughts-
A street plan marked up with some initial proposals for station buildings etc. Track layout to follow- very Minories!
Kensington SR plan based on South Wetern Circular article
Kensington SR plan based on South Western Circular article

+The L&SWR station in South Kensington by Ian Hopkins pages 296-311  July 2014 edition of The South Western Circular- for members of the South Western Circle). I understand Ian is intending to build a 1:43 (0) scale model as the station would have  been in L&SWR days. His layout will be the one to look out for!

The main traffic will be passenger.
Suburban electric traffic from SW London.
Electric shuttle service to and from Waterloo
Ocean liner trains to & from Southampton
Connecting Pulman service for BOAC flying boat service arrivals and departures  to & from Southampton
Connecting service to Continental steamer services
Connecting service to steamer service to Channel Islands  via Southampton
Special Traffic
Race traffic to Ascot
Cowes week traffic to Portsmouth/ Southampton to IOW
Other traffic (night time)
Mail & Newspaper
Milk from West Country
Non P and Perishable goods to Kensington High St shops

Announcement from Kernow Model Rail Centre
DJ Models will produce the Class 71 Electric Locomotive used on the Southern Region of British Railways.
We envisage that for Kensington, the loco will be suitable for premium services that could have been developed from the station to the continent or for boat trains to Southampton. For the latter as far as Woking on electric power with diesel or steam haulage beyond.
(NB Woking/ Basingstoke/ Southampton  line not electrified until 1967)

The range of new and yet to be available Southern locos from Hornby are all good for Kensington. The S15, Class 700’s and new liveries for Schools, T-9’s etc are all suitable with additional carriage and EMU numbers and liveries could make this an expensive year!

The long awaited London Transport former Metropolitan Railway  electric locos by Heljan have arrived from Hattons. Wartime livery-unnamed & standard LT livery “Sherlock Holmes” . Although not exactly their hunting grounds I think that we can bend history a little to bring them to  the Met lines at South Kensington.
…& THE LMS TWINS 10000 & 10001 TOO!
Even longer awaited from Rails of Sheffield these Bachmann locos of the pioneer locos in LMS livery (10000) and in BR livery (10001) without the lion & wheel, arrived the same day! These locos did a stint on the Southern Region in the early 50’s so no excuse not to  have them at Kensington SR
As a small kid on hearing a strange train noise, I ran back along a footpath, with Dad, to where it crossed the Southampton to Waterloo main line north of Winchester at Martyr Worthy. I saw  a black blur that was one or both of these locos on a fast train to Waterloo.. Never saw them again. It was around 1950
The footpath was a great place to see Spam cans etc, but it has been diverted- probably since electrification.
Another place was where the Springvale to Sutton Scotney road went over the same line. I used to be sat on the parapet as the expresses rushed under going north or south. The bridge, which must have been there since the line opened in the 1840’s, was one of those rebuilt to accommodate container traffic so no opportunity to have this type of behaviour now. I doubt whether you can actually see the trains at all!

This will be good for luggage van traffic on the layout. I think I will need a second livery option – either the weathered BR livery or wait for a sunshine lettering black SOUTHERN  version to appear

HOBBY NEWS Hornby ex L&SWR rebuilt carriages (June 2015)
I seem to have missed these in previous announcements
Kernow are indicating they are open for pre-orders 4 ex L&SWR 48’ compartment stock as rebuilt by  Maunsell as 58’ non corridor
R4717 3rd class
R4718  6 compt. Lav. Composite
R4719       ditto 3rd class
R4720   9 compt.  Lav. 3rd Class These are good for SR ex L&SWR branch line and main line stopping trains
During 2016 delivery £39.99 each
Not shown on Hattons site yet. Eminently suitable for this layout

HOBBY NEWS- Hattons announce Exclusive DJ models of Class 71 for Golden Arrow (June 2016)

I think we can stretch the imagination a little & have this on this layout occasionally….


With further consideration we will need an “Underground” fiddle yard for those trains not terminating at South Kensington LT- short two line sidings at right angles- tight radius approach- to the main SR station-layout plan to follow

November 2020

This is likely to be the 2nd or 3rd layout in the railway room, depending upon what can be squeezed in- more plans to hatch…

January 2022

EFE 1938 tube stock (powered) finally arrives. seems I have ordered a set from two stockists!! They will be used on the layout as the Underground stock although not entirely accurate. The room now needs to be organised so layout can be easily built.

February 2022

This layout to be restored to the layout building programme, with the track layout closely based on the Cyril Freezer classic Minories plan.