Saint Marc-sur Mer 1:87(HO) F

This page replaces a Google+ page of similar name. Some existing content was transferred in Early April 2016, which has subsequently been revised  with additional material.
A French seaside terminus layout in HO. A real place on the North West(Atlantic) coast of France, which never had a railway
This layout is associated with St Marc quais HO layout.
The real location  is where the famous film “Mr Hulots Holiday”  by Jacques Tati was shot in 1952 (released 1953). A lovely quiet town for a family holiday…
The Hotel featured in the film pictured in, I would guess, the early 1900’s. The film makers “added” an entrance at this end direct onto the beach. It had a very squeaky door which  caused many hilarious moments in the film!

24th April 2016

The Ivar shelving to form the support for this section of the layout has been taken out of its extensive packaging & work on “building” it starts later on today

9th May 2016

Four sections of Ivar system erected  and positioned to date. One more bay to be assembled then need to order more parts.

September 2017

All the sections of shelving are in their final locations with items located on shelves, but there is free space. Will now start transfer of items off of old narrow shelving, so that can be released progressively & scrapped. This in turn will release space for new deeper Ikea shelving, the top of which can be used for layouts

October 2020

Low priority home project