To try out layout themes, I’ll be constructing some dioramas around a common theme. The size of the dioramas must be no larger than 500 x 500 x 500 high
The bases are constructed from ex Weyford on Sea scenery bases- which were never used- hence the odd sizes

Some are an interpretation of the same scene set in different countries, showing  some  of the range of prototypes covering my interests

The common theme- Railways, Cross Roads & Gardening
The dioramas I hope to try-
A) 1:87 scale: US trolley line/inter-urban 1940’s  –“Bedford Falls” with back yard supplies shop & “victory garden.”  (Base 1-  410 x 350 max)
B) 1:76 scale:  UK – A 1940’s scene –“If the railway had come to the valley” (If proposed Midhurst to Haslemere had been built) at “Linch & Redford  Halt”- change for Hollycombe Estate, railway halt on embankment, cross roads  + allotment, war memorial (Base 3- 430 x 500)                                                   C) 1:87  scale: France Halte Terres de moulin” cross roads with level crossing and  halt- with petanque game in progress.  ( Base 2- 400 x 400)                                                                                                             D) 1:45 scale: German “Muhle Land Haltepunkt(Hp)” cross roads/ level crossing & halt alongside  Schrebergärten.  (allotment) (Base 4- 500 x 500)

The size 500 x 500 represents  22.5 metres square in 1:45 scale (European O scale), 28 metres square in  1:76 scale (OO scale) & 43.5 metres square in 1:87 scale (HO scale)

FIRST – Type B

During construction it has been photographed as a construction guide.  When complete it will be used as an illustration on the front of a Christmas card- hopefully for 2016 issued within our village.


A station bar, a level  crossing and on the other side of the line a boule (petanque) terrain.
Games are underway and its a nice evening so some of the villagers have come along to watch and have a glass of wine at the station bar.
Very French and all in  a 400 mm square.
The plan is drawn- lets see how it goes

Again this will be photographed during construction & used as the basis for a card to be issued on the retirement of the leader of our local U3A Boule Group due in May 2017

I showed an “in progress” example  “If the railway had come to the valley” (“Linch & Redford Halt”)  at  the Milland Gardening Club’s Annual Show on the 13th  August 2016. If entered it would have been in “Division 4a Class 62 Men Only- Any article in any material, excluding those listed in the schedule,  no bigger than 500 x 500 x 500 high”
I hope to enter 3 or 4  dioramas, dependant on space,  into the 2017 competition, to publicise the model railway hobby.

As an experiment I have in stock some of these boxes, to use to contain small layouts using them singly or in multiples.
The first such experiment will be a tram layout based in Berlin called “Danger Border Ahead” which uses buildings & ideas developed for the local club’s Friedrichstrasse layout.
Other layout or scenic ideas might be developed through this method. These will be more like Wealden Railway Group small/micro layouts with some operation, rather than pure dioramas.

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