Local fictional bus fleet operators

This is a new page to cover the fantasy fleets of PSV- public service vehicles,  in model form, that might have served our local area in times past and present.

The eras selected are

Pre-war;Wartime;1950’s;1960’s;1970’s;1980’s;1990’s; 2ooo to 2010;2010 onwards

Each era will be represented by a number of model vehicles and one or more dioramas

Pre-War era/Wartime/ early 1950’s

MILLAND MOTORS Routes-linking the Milland valley to its railway station &  to to the adjacent services of Aldershot & District and Southdown- privately owned 

Present day

MVBUS-EHL LINK to extend reach of the fictional  East Hants Link light rail line

I hope to establish a  fantasy fleet to operate in conjunction with and to link with the East Hants Link light rail line– suggested names. These will be specialised vehicles of a size to cope with narrow country roads
Liphook  BUSLINK a bus link from Liphook railway station/tram stop to Milland,Rake, Bramshott and Grayshott
Bordon BUSLINK– a bus link to from Bordon Park & Ride Tram Stop to Blackmoor, Greatham and Liss Forest
Bentley BUSLINK– a bus link from Bentley (A31)  Park & Ride Tram Stop, Bentley Village, Blacknest, Binstead, Hollybourne and Froyle

Same bus livery with colour line to identify particular “link”

SOUTHDOWNS-PARK LINK– Summer only weekend and Bank Holiday services from local railway stations (Bentley,Liphook, Liss,  and/or Park & Ride car parks adjacent to main roads (A3, A31, A272) to key points in the South Downs National Park with combined rail and bus ticketing or parking and tram ticketing. Bike accommodation is available on trains, trams and buses

Railway Stations-   Bentley, Liphook, Liss, Petersfield

Park & Ride- Petersfield, Bordon (A3 Park & Ride) Bordon (A272 Park & Ride)

East Hants Link (EHL) (tram) stops- Liphook Railway Station, Liphook (A3 Park & Ride) Bordon (A3 Park & Ride) Bentley (A31 Park & Ride)

Note -those leaving their car at  Bentley (A31 Park & Ride) travel by East Hants Link tram to Liphook Railway station for connecting bus services to South Downs NP destinations.Those alighting at Bentley Railway Station- are in easy walking or cycling  distance of Alice Holt Forest. For other destinations take the East Hants Link tram to Liphook Railway Station. All East Hants Link trams & connecting Park Link buses have cycling accommodation.

Park & Ride car parking charges include travel for up to 4 persons on East Hants Link trams for period from arrival at car park to last service on tram route that day. Overnight parking and residents garaging available with or without tram travel option.


Please be aware that large areas of Liphook & Bordon are car,coach and lorry free at all times and there are strict routes and time zones for delivery vehicles to business premises, with on the spot severe fines for non- compliance. Long distance National Express coach tickets include connecting travel on East Hants Link to their stops at Park & Ride Tram Stops. If you hire a coach to take a private party to an event, the coach hire will include tickets for travel on connecting East Hants Link trams to and from  the chosen Park & Ride stop for the coach.

See also  https://www.facebook.com/East-Hants-Link-the-model-tram-system-1503107126404081/