Small Scandinavian layout/diorama?

I have been lucky to travel by train in Scandinavia on a number of occasions,  spread over many years.

In the 60’s one trip was made there and back to Norway by boat with some rail and steamer travel internally; one trip to Denmark with no railway travel, but on steamers between the various parts. (pre bridge).

Then a long gap before a few business trips to Sweden by air. one of which involved a trip on one of their High Speed Trains and an aged diesel railcar that made BR diesel units look luxurious!.

In retirement an entire trip by train from the UK covering Denmark, Sweden & Norway.

Quite early on I joined the Scandinavian Railways Society, but I wouldn’t say I’m that well informed about their railways.  I have toyed with the thought of a very small model railway layout, but the cost of rolling stock has been always an abrupt reality check to the idea.

Perhaps a diorama would be a start?