August 1944-1:87/1:76 (HO)/(OO)-F

 France- August 1944 cross roads with level crossing and  halt- with a game of petanque  in progress on the  terrain near the bar. Sunflower field or vineyard nearby? A small diorama.

Somewhere in France. The locals are returning home from work & have stopped off to have a drink and a game with their pals.Usually an all men pursuit especially  in the 40’s when this is set. The whole proceedings are somewhat upset, when a small collection of British and Allied forces with infantry , tanks etc are pausing to work out where they are and for fraternisation with some local girls.

It will be another two weeks before Paris is liberated…

As we are trying to form a local petanque (boule) group in our village- we will be using this diorama as “advertising” at the local gardening club annual show in August 2018- watch this space for more details



( Base 2- 400 x 400)

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