Friedrichstrasse Buildings- 1:87(HO) DE

Buildings originally for L&DMRC’s HO scale layout Friedrichstrasse set in Epoch 3- now  to form the main part of my diorama/micro-layout Danger Border Ahead
Enlarged detail over entranceo
Research for & building of, scale model buildings of the Friedrichstrasse area of Berlin
As most of the area, at the period modelled, was in the GDR, a watch tower  kit by Busch (1015) purchased at reduced price from Gaugemaster at Ford. Some useful printed signs, posters & some mesh fencing complete the period piece (Dec 2015)
The first buildings to be constructed are the south side entrances of the station which are to follow fairly closely the prototype. Other buildings -will be impressions rather than slavishly following a particular prototype. The header photo is of the detail of the windows & clock above one of the entrance “tunnels” (Dec 2015)
Similar buildings, in a less dilapidated state will also form the basis for the modern Berlin Undivided which shows the area in modern times. Again  two Ikea boxes are envisaged for the  layout (July 2017)
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