Not in the correct back yard

Small community organisations,like model railway clubs, have in the recent “digital age” been able to use community listings which are part of local authority websites.

Locally that’s recently all changed. They appear to have been privatised and much, if not all, such information has disappeared. One of our local council listings has been retained but is managed by an organisation in Wigan.

Now local clubs are in border territory, so listing is needed under Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey to make any sense of where potential members are drawn from. The lady in Lancashire didn’t understand this local dimension, so has done some editing- you can only be in one county!. Now I know that Lancastrians & Yorkshire folk have some problems with such things, but we are much more friendly down south.. (perhaps?)

Then there are local websites who appear to have rules about not including local organisations that don’t meet in their village or town even when said locality hasn’t a club covering that interest! This rule seems to have get outs- bowls clubs aren’t fettered by this..

Is it just model railway clubs who incur the wrath of list compilers?. If Haslemere , where its probably a capital offence to be a member of the Labour Party, can list that unmentionable organisation, why not the local model railway club in Liphook? (They haven’t got one of their own!) but they do list the Liphook Bowling Club!

What an unfriendly lot we’ve become- not only don’t we wan’t to have anything to do with countries close to us, we don’t want to have anything to do with the next village or town, or with friendly old gentlemen who happen to play trains.

More tolerance to us & Yorkshire I say.


Times they are a changing

Today marks the end of any official connection between the Liphook & District Model Railway Club and this site. Their new official website is up & running.

I have re-arranged  this site to delete or archive club pages, so unfortunately some of your regularly used pages will get the “oop’s” message.

The next stage, on which I will not be involved, will be the mammoth task of removing links to this site from community sites, which have details of the club. This could take time…

I have added details of Building A Model Railway 2017 onto RM web- see if it leads to any interest..

I tried an Italian model shop..


The Italian Railway Society magazine Binari  recently recommended an Italian model shop – TechnoModel  of Livorno (on the western coast of Italy)

Just before Christmas I went onto their site (in Italian) and noticed they had a pretty special offer on an Italian HO diesel railcar set (DC) by Os.kar at above 30% off. I have a bit of a thing about  railcars so in a spate of pre- Christmas bonhomie I placed an order. There was an added bonus of no postage charge! A note from Fed Ex followed a few days later (27th December) to say the parcel had been collected and should arrive on January 4th or 5th

Parcel dispatched from Livorno Italy 27th December Espresso FedEx  actually arrived today-29th December (am)

In comparison-A British outline item pre-ordered back in 2012, which I had not un-naturally forgotten all about, was dispatched first class on the 24th December from Cornwall  also arrived today but  pm…. (of course the pre-delivery period was not the fault of the shop just what happens with Chinese manufacturing)

If your into continental HO I would recommend  Tecnomodel on the basis of this experience. I also use a German shop from Detmold who also give excellent service with comparable delivery periods.

If continental model shops provide good service at affordable prices then I would suggest that you use them while you can. Being in Europe does bring some advantages…



Russian interest in MVR reaches 120

Looking at the sites analytic data, there has been 120 visits to this site from Russia over the last 30 days. Russia seems to have replaced the USA or South America into the second place behind the UK with around 290 visits.

Now considering the population of Russia at around 143 million & internet access  at 102 million, we have some way to go. Is it just that some of the alleged hackers are getting bored with US politics and are getting interested in model railways?

As they used to say – Happy Christmas to all our readers…

Changed look

In the continued effort to separate the L&DMRC content from my personal pages, the club content has been grouped  and my own content now has been “moved up” in the contents side bars.

A changed look , with a postcard image of the grain elevators at Tugaske Sask. on the Canadian Pacific circa 1912, starts the process of splitting into two sites.

I have not heard of any definite progress on the L&DMRC new site recently. I would guess there will be little progress until after the club AGM in late January 2017.

Meanwhile the L&DMRC content on this site is unfortunately getting further out of date….

Progress in transferring local model railway club content to new site

Work has started. In about a fortnight Nick Harling will have a copy of the L&DMRC content on this site,  so that transfer can get underway in earnest. We hope to complete the transfer in good order ASAP. We have a good working relationship, which is appreciated. Without it this could have been a painful process for all involved.

Transfer of other material, publicity & correspondence files should be carried out in a similar timescale.

Secretary resigns

Tony Bettger has resigned as club secretary and as a club member  with immediate effect. Nick Harling takes over on an interim basis.

Tony will complete his commitments to the Model Trains in the Valley club Open Day event on the 23rd October.

Transfer of content from the current to a club owned website with a new name will commence shortly.

Tony will retain the site & will continue as one of the Milland Valley Memorial Hall trustees

Perhaps not quite with the spirit of Brexit- we add links to major European & some world railway systems

We have a wide interest in world railways in the club, so continuing our outward look, links to most major European railway passenger operators have recently been added. Also US & Canada- Amtrak & Via Rail.

We have included Ireland & Northern Ireland .

To follow Japanese, Russian, Czech & Polish systems ?

It is interesting to note that  the UK is the only country in the list of links that has a fully fragmented passenger & freight train operating structure.

A British trait perhaps to be different.. (despite the evidence?)

American post school club uses this web site as resource

An El-Paso , Colorado volunteer organisation called After School Care Program, which runs classes and interest groups for children from close of school-3.00 pm until parents are able to pick them up, has e-mailed us.  Apparently they have used our website as a resource for a proposed session on model railroading.

Five million children throughout the US are unsupervised after 3.00 pm each school day.