Light rail letter in “Petersfield Post” links reality & model

Under the heading “Light rail scheme would work here” the “Post” published today my “Letter to the editor” regarding the “lack of serious efforts to make the Bordon- Bentley scheme a reality” in support of a previous letter by a Michael Huber of Lindford published last week.

Attention was drawn to the much more active light rail scene in Europe and the apparent lack of knowledge by the UK populace on what modern light rail is. This is particularly true in the South of England where except for Croydon there is no light rail scheme development.

To give locals an idea of what a modern system might look like, mention was made of the East Hants Link N scale layout under construction as part of the Liphook U3A Building a Model Railway Group

Recent additions to my tramway modelling library

Two recent purchases I have made from the Tramway & Light Railway Society bookshop, that I should have made some time ago. I even “forgot” when I was at the recent AGM of that august society!

“How to go Tram & Tramway Modelling” by David Voice– I have an earlier edition but have needed to update a few years ago. This “latest” issue is in fact 12 years old- but still with lots more info than the earlier edition I have. Unfortunately several suppliers mentioned are no longer about, but most have suitable replacement- others doing much the same thing at new addresses or with new owners

“Large Scale Tramway Modelling -an introduction & guide” by Peter Hammond & Peter Howard covers a new area for me, although I have a couple of large scale RTR models of American outline streetcars stored away. These were obtained in that long forgotten era of low American prices and a good $ to £ exchange rate. I have long fostered the idea of a small outdoor (garden) tramway and perhaps this book will encourage me to “have a go.” Published by the T&LRS in 2015

Both well recommended.


Society magazines recently received

French Railways Society

For the last 40 years known as the SNCF Society, but apparently some thought the SNCF organisation was somewhat “devalued” and that the interests of the members was more accurately represented by the new name.

That aside, the quality of the magazines content is thankfully unchanged and as always a “good read”  covering the modern scene, memories of earlier times and of layouts/modelling.

N Gauge Journal

I am a very new member of this society which is 50 years old this year. I joined because of my involvement in the Liphook U3A Building a Model Railway Group and the need to build a small  tramway layout in this scale.

Fortuitously the latest issue contains an article about the availability of N gauge trams and covers the main Japanese makers of same in 1:150 scale. It seems I am well up to speed on this, but I need to read the article in more depth.

Again a potential good read.


Last trolleybus in London- 55th Anniversary

Fifty five years ago today ( 9th May 1962) the last London Transport trolleybus ran in London- Route 657 Hounslow to Shepherds Bush.

They were modern, silent, swift and clean, but the road lobby didn’t like them. Today with London air pollution at dangerous levels, we need them (and trams) back.

The politicos gave us Borismaster- hugely expensive- unreliable and too complicated- we had the “keep it simple solutions” and we threw them away in the 50’s & 60’s. So sad.

New Facebook page & additions to this site

It’s all happening

A new Facebook page  for Building a Model Railway 2017 is now in place.

A number of new links has been added to this site mainly relative to UK tramway systems.

Progress photos on Milland Valley Railway- Dioramas has been added to the Facebook page and on this site.

Koln Trip

The Liphook club made its latest (3rd?) biannual trip to the International Model Railway Show recently. Travelling out on Wednesday 16th November with an early start from from Liphook at 06.04. A total of 6 were in the party including one “other half” and a non-member (me)

We had a pleasant two hour lay over in Brussels using a taxi out & back to the centre of town where beer & chips were consumed.

We reached Koln around 4.00 pm local time with a short walk to our hotel.

Visited exhibition on the Thursday, followed by a trip to a local model shop. On Friday some returned to the exhibition; I got an all day tram ticket and travelled for 5 hours or so on mainly street running parts of the system plus a trip to Bonn & back by two different routes.

All evenings were spent sampling a different restaurant with different local beers.

Return departure  on Saturday 19th just before midday, with arrival at Liphook just gone 18.00hrs. (Eurostar  was a re-conditioned set)

Good trip with pleasant company. Perhaps one more time in 2018?


Forthcoming events

We shall be showing a small layout at the local church fete on Sunday 12th July– Milland Valley Memorial Hall (MVMH), Iping Road, Milland GU30 7NA
Kanjiyama will be on display at the International N Gauge Show, 12th/13th September , Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Fosse Way, Nr Leamington Spa, CV31 1XN
Model Trains in the Valley  Club Open Day Sunday 25th October at the MVMH- Iping Road, Milland GU307NA

Workday 17th May 2015

All in all a very successful day


We did a trial car packing exercise and were able to fit the layout sections including legs in two Berlingo type vehicles.

We will need a checklist of additional items to be taken with the layout. All the wiring items and controllers are now in one plastic box

There was a very successful trial of the automatic tram operation- thanks to Ben for his work on this.

For the first time trains traversed the whole layout, following Ben’s work on simplifying the fiddle yard wiring. Some fine stock from David entertained us.

There are some issues of track alignment at the joints between the FY sections and the main scenic sections- there is a solution which will be worked on at sessions before the 7th June


Southern layout.

Again good progress on the layout with trains traversing the whole layout, with only minor electrical “niggles”

An Italian express visiting Cornwall was a very special event you might miss in the railway press.

For the first time the layout can be packed face to face in two sections, despite each board being of different size.

The store cupboard now can contain both layouts!