Ex Hollycombe Engine back in Sweden

A much travelled narrow gauge 0-4-0 T loco manufactured by J A Maffel of Munich in 1925 for a  Swedish industrial railway, has recently returned via  the USA, Sweden and England  to the Risten-Lavik Jurnbane (RLJ) near Stockholm. It was damaged by a shell in WW2 and was out of use  by the mid 60’s.  It was shipped to New York, later to Seattle and returned to Sweden in the 1990’s having never run in the US.

It was restored in the 1990’s in Sweden before an arrangement  for it to run  on the RLJ  fell through, as they had no need of another loco. The loco was purchased by British enthusiasts in March 2006 and ran for a time on the Quarry railway at the Hollycombe steam collection.

In 2007 it was bought by the Lynton and Barnstable Railway Trustees,  as a replacement for Bronllwyd, whose boiler ticket was due to expire. It entered service as Sid (after the Devon river), on the L&BR in August of that year and ran until the following  August, when it was withdrawn from service. It left the L&BR in January 2009 to have work  on the cylinders, wheels and boiler and returned in September 2009. Further work was carried out on a broken lateral stay in the boiler in 2011 and until late  2013 was regularly in use on passenger trains. It was then sold to RLJ, arriving in Sweden in January 2014, where it has been renamed Lakvik as RLJ number 3.

Précis of article in Skandiapilen the Journal of the Scandinavian Railways Society No 73 Spring 2014 by Phil and Lin Spiegelhalter

Sir Nigel Gresley regrets

Sir Nigel Gresley will not be traversing the Portsmouth line tomorrow. Instead the special will be pulled to and from Westbury by a diesel-type unknown. Sir Nigel will take the special from and back to Westbury

A model  of Sir Nigel Gresley in L.N.E.R blue was one of the first Hornby Dublo offerings when the range was introduced in 1938