0 scale modellers wanted

DCP_1917The local club’s origins are deeply  rooted in the revival of 0 (1:43) scale since the 50’s & in the growth of the Gauge 0 Guild.

Although the scale has grown in popularity in recent years, with RTR models from a number of manufacturers, in the L&DMRC  the  reverse is true. Loss of storage space & the death of a prominent & skilled member of the 0 scale team, means they haven’t had available a layout to present to the public for a number of years.

Until recently the original layout built by Alf & Martin was still in club hands, but it had suffered from a period of near external storage & the need for its current storage location to be used for other purposes. The layout’s size also meant that the layout needed virtually the whole club membership to transport & operate. The last time it was exhibited was in 2005 & colleagues from the then South Hants MRC O gauge group came & assisted in operation.

Now being proposed is a new much smaller layout which could be built, transported & exhibited by  two local 0 scale enthusiasts, both of which are members of the Gauge O Guild. It would however be beneficial to have one or two  new members to join them.

If you are an O scale modeller & are considering joining a local club  please contact us via the club secretary.

See  details of proposed Walmington- on-Sea  O gauge layout which although no longer a club project may be of interest to current club members & potential new members.


Updated November 2016