Duchess of Atholl returns

With every item of news, we seem to be returning to the  depressing  late 1940’s/ early 1950’s austerity and the divisive attitudes of that period.

The announcement that Hornby are to produce a 21st century model  of the LMS Duchess of Atholl locomotive, is brighter news, bringing back  some good memories of that time. Memories of the Hornby Dublo loco of the same name – one of the high points of my  model railway childhood. Together with Sir Nigel Gresley in LNER livery of Garter Blue, these were Hornby Dublo’s finest, even though the models themselves came out just before WW2. It would take H-D some years to produce them in British Railways livery.

Although I loved these models, I never saw the originals- it was a life of M-7’s and “Spam Cans” on my part of the real railway!

Frank Hornby the man who gave us our hobby

Today , the 15th May, was in 1863, in Liverpool, the birth day of Frank Hornby. He invented Meccano and founded the company who gave us Hornby Trains, Hornby Dublo & Dinky Toys.

Lets also not forget Meccano Magazine, and the clubs; the Meccano Guild, still in existence or part of the Model Engineering world and the Hornby Railway Company groups, which were the starting point for most of the oldest model railway clubs in the UK and the Commonwealth.

Hobby News – New ex L&SWR carriages from Hornby

I seem to have missed these in previous announcements

Kernow are indicating they are open for pre-orders 4 ex L&SWR 48’ compartment stock as rebuilt by  Maunsell as 58’ non corridor

R4717 3rd class

R4718  6 compt. Lav. Composite

R4719       ditto 3rd class

R4720   9 compt.  Lav. 3rd Class

These are good for SR ex L&SWR branch line and main line stopping trains Good for Axmouth & South Kensington layouts

During 2016 delivery £39.99 each

Not shown on Hattons site yet


Hornby have announced Southern loco S15, in addition to the Adams Radial announced at Warley and the Class 700 announced last year. The Class 71 announced at Warley is in fact a proposed 2016 introduction.
New livery/number options for the T-9, M7, WC and Schools classes are also planned. The 2-Hal and 2-Bil also appear in new livery &/or number versions. See Hornby site for full details