Good day “playing trains”

In its first major operating session in front of the public, Friedrichstrasse performed well & put on a good show at our local Milland Rural Fair.

Thanks to Ben. Nick, Martin & James for operational excellence & to Mary & Mu who kept us plied with tea, coffee & cake.

Thanks to members of the general public who made kind comments & particularly to the young lad who returned many times to see the layout throughout the day. and was enthralled!

Busy meeting 3rd June

Preparations for the Rural Fair meant the Committee Room was more crowded than usual with Friedrichstrasse erected to fit the curtain & the perspex screening.

A small amount of running was achieved with a Trix TEE unit, but there were problems with the operation of the front & rear headlights.

A potential new member James  from Liphook turned up & seemed to enjoy himself.

Volunteered to help us out at the Rural Fair on Sunday.

Simon appeared to show progress on F/Strasse church. Announced he recently celebrated his 80th birthday- congratulations.

Showed samples of wall finish for viaduct- underwhelming response!

Appartment block moved away from church as it dominated the scene- now placed on “island” between tram tracks.

Area around church to be fully fledged churchyard

29th May Workday goes well

There was a reasonable turn out of 7 members working on Friedrichstrasse & the West Country branch line in the main hall of MVMH on Sunday.

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for  two hours of the 5 hours booked, but I’d expect that good progress was made. I have plenty of homework to do on Friedrichstrasse!

No “Model Trains in Petersfield” in 2016

There will be no Model Trains in Petersfield Open Day event in 2016.

Instead the club will display Friedrichstrasse  at the Milland Rural Fair on Sunday 5th June.

The club will review the future of a Petersfield event at the next AGM. One consideration will be to have the event every 2 years, alternating with attending Milland Rural Fair

We will also be having a small layout + club display at the Midhurst Rother College Community Day on  Saturday 23 April . This will be the first time we have attended what seems to be an annual event & will give the club opportunity to preview our activities to general public locally.

Club Meeting 14th August

There was a full turnout at the club to work on Friedrichstrasse, the Southern Railway Cornish branch in 00-(still not named) plus erecting Nick’s late fathers German H0 branch line , returned to him after many years with the Wisley Club and its successors ,who meet monthly in Haslemere. With the absence of the carpet bowlers we had use of the hall for this session

This layout comprised 5 sections each 1220 long which had been picked up by Nick & the writer just the day previously. The layout, built heavily of chipboard, was in one “pack” of 3 sections and another of  2 sections. Two largish control boxes and 12 legs completed the kit. Some fun was had erecting the layout- last exhibited about 17 years ago. An attempt was made to run some stock on it, but it appeared the controller was defective in some way. Signals, uncouplers & layout model lighting worked.

It appeared that the 5th section was a later addition & Nick  passed this on to Matt as he could not get the full layout in his car. Our departure was delayed a little by difficulties in packing away the sections.

Nick will be drawing up a list of work to be done on the layout to ease the erection & packing away, to minimise scenery damage

Last Friday evening at the club

An early arrival for the “Southern layout team”, who wanted to get on with test running of the station area, to prove the last bit of electrics  and then position the platform. Both were accomplished ( Grahams had his fill of electrics for the time being!). Andrew & Eric got on in double quick time to postion the edges of the platform using specially cut stripwood for the edges and support for the platform surface.

The platform faces will be stone style with card forming the surface.

Track colouring & ballasting will come next.

On F/Strasse the track problem in the fiddle yard, that caused some horrific derailments at Model Trains in Petersfield was tackled, involving some fettling of a point and adding weight to the a light leading bogie on the locomotive involved. Hopefully this will have completely resolved the problem, although David might still have scars to his stock and wallet!

Last night at the club

It was playing trains night on Friedrichstrasse We had the station boards up and several locos running fully under DCC control. Some nifty work by John B prevented expensive locos plunging earthwards- unsighted “drivers” being a risk in the restricted space of the committee room.
The cacophony of sound didn’t seem to bother the carpet bowlers in the main hall.


To emphasis the different construction dates the S-Bahn section is of separate construction to the remainder.
When track laying & ballasting is complete the top coss beams of the bridge will be added.
Picture by Nick H Bridge-work by Ben R and Tony G

IMG_5943.JPG S Bahn bridge.JPG