Last trolleybus in London- 55th Anniversary

Fifty five years ago today ( 9th May 1962) the last London Transport trolleybus ran in London- Route 657 Hounslow to Shepherds Bush.

They were modern, silent, swift and clean, but the road lobby didn’t like them. Today with London air pollution at dangerous levels, we need them (and trams) back.

The politicos gave us Borismaster- hugely expensive- unreliable and too complicated- we had the “keep it simple solutions” and we threw them away in the 50’s & 60’s. So sad.

Buses on a model railway site?

And why not?

Most of the early bus companies were started as adjuncts to railway services and many were susbsequently owned or had majority shareholdings by railway companies. (They also pioneered many internal & European air services)

Local authorities were also very active in owning large bus fleets, particularly in large cities & holiday resorts.

We have added some local bus enthusiast groups to the sites links, with other groups covering bus & coach modelling to follow.

Any model railway layout will benefit from buses of the correct era, operator & type  to set the model scene.

BUS MODELLING Railway companies were quick into running bus services

Railway companies were quick into running bus services to connect their stations to outlying prosperous villages & towns not on the railway network.
The grouped companies post 1923 became part owners of most major bus companies, partially perhaps to control competition.
So in modelling railways we must cover buses.
We have “set up” our own local bus company, a fictional one, Liphook & District Traction Co, but perhaps a holding company for “services” on the various layouts- Chesilford, Kensington SR operating under other names and on Cartersland Camp under its own name and of course a Google+ page of its own.
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