Archive: Club & members layouts that were available for exhibition in 2016


Remember this is part of the L&DMRC archive section- it does not represent the current situation on layout availability, costs or process.

Some of the layouts are no longer available for exhibition or have been dismantled.

If you are interested in  ascertaining which current L&DMRC layouts are available to  exhibit, please contact their  club secretary. 

Available,Nearing completion or  “In Planning”

Although a relatively small club, its membership is active in a wide range of model railway scales and interests. This list of layouts, exemplifies these interests and includes those under construction or in planning. They are provided as a help to exhibition managers in selecting potential invites for future years.

Having a small membership, does mean that we are limited to the number of exhibitions per year that members or club layouts can attend. The distance from our base near Liphook, on the Hampshire/West Sussex/ Surrey borders is usually restricted  to a  50 miles radius, but further distances will be considered.

For exhibitions, club members claim actual fuel costs. The club quotes expenses at the time of booking based on each car used to transport layout and/or operators at 25p per mile. A small donation to our club funds would be welcome

 All our newly designed  layouts can be transported in members cars, so as to avoid van hire.

For members layouts, arrangements as specified by the layout owner, but generally similar to the rates quoted above.  If help is given by other members, the layout owner may request a small club donation in the expenses.

Member’s layouts available for exhibition
EHRWALD- German  1:160 (N)

Member Ben Russ’s German/Austrian border alpine layout designed to travel in the back of one car

Circular track layout

Shown in completed operable state at our 2012 Model Trains in the Valley

Exhibited at 2013 Midhurst Modellers Show

Approx size: 1600 x 1000 DCC with sound

Ask club secretary about exhibition invites

Open Day Ehrwald


Member Ben Russ’s 1st layout in HO

The name derives from the track layout shape.

Picture to follow



HAWKHURST- British OO(1:76)

Near scale model of the Hawkhurst, branch terminus on the Southern Railway, by Eric and Andrew King. Terminus to fiddle yard late SR/early BR

Many hand built models of buildings and kit built stock

Previously shown at Midhurst February 2012 and the club open day in October 2011

Concave shape- approx. size 5000 x 1000 DC

Travels with crew in 2/3 cars

Insurance value: £3000+ stock

Contact Secretary re. availability for exhibitions

Hawkhurst at Model Trains in Petersfield on 1st June 2014
Hawkhurst at Model Trains in Petersfield on 1st June 2014

GATCOMBE – British OO (1:76) 
Through SR station in fictional location- circular layout with fiddle yard behind

Eric & Andrew King

Uses part of early Liphook club layout with addition of new fiddle yard and approachesMidhurst 2013 Gatcombe


Previously shown at Midhurst Modellers Show in 2013

Approx size: 5000 x 3000 DC

Travels in 2 cars with crew

Insurance vale £2500 + stock

Contact Secretary re availability for exhibitions

KANJIYAMA-  Japanese N (1:150/1:160)

Nick Harling’s new small Japanese outline layout, this time a rural branch terminus-

Terminus to fiddle yard. DC control

Travels in one car and needs crew of only 2.

Approx 2400 x 600 plus operating space

Insurance Value: Layout £500 Stock: £1000

Midhurst 2013 Station & KiHa131


16th January- Astolat (Guildford)

20th February Tonbridge MRC Show

22nd May Globalrail Didcot Civic Centre    (Kanjiyama 11mins in)

*** 24th & 25th September  Worthing MRC show

*** 22nd & 23rd April 2017 Horsham Railway Show

Ask our club secretary about the latest situation on exhibition invites or

Nick has  an article about Kanjiyama on the  Japan Rail Modelers of Washington DC site-

The layout was featured in Continental Modeller November 2014 issue. It was due to be withdrawn from the exhibition circuit in mid to late 2017


UBERERNST- German HO (1:87)

Nick Harling’s  late Father’s layout from the 1990’s- Rural branch line.

The layout has been refreshed & upgraded in a slightly smaller format

Nick Harling exhibiting Uberernst at Midhurst 2016
Nick Harling exhibiting Uberernst at Midhurst 2016


Ubererst at Midhurst 2016 -view alonglayout
Uberernst at Midhurst 2016 -view along layout

Appeared at Model Trains in the Valley 2016


 American outline shunting layout by John Buttery. DCC with sound.

Fits on standard exhibition table and can be carried  in two sections, under each arm by the owner. Travels in one car and usually can be set up on the day of the exhibition

Shown at Model Trains in the Valley 2012 and 2014 Midhurst 2013- 

Insurance value:  Layout: £200 Stock: £350Midhurst 2013 South River Terminal

 Appeared at Liphook Village Event 12th  June 2016 in East German guise

NOUVION 1943 (Allo-Allo)

Set France in 1943 1:35 Scale Narrow Gauge

Matt Wildsmith

Size: 1500 x 500  (5′ x 1′-6″)

Full Details to follow

First Exhibited at Febex 2016 Alton on 6th/7th February

 Formed part of the L&DMRC display at Midhurst Modellers Show 2016

Formed part of the L&DMRC display at  Midhurst Rother College Community Day  23 April 2016

TRAVO- Italian HO (1:87)

Graham Ashley

Size:3000 x 500

Travo is a typical small Italian station, the terminus of a long, sinuous line into the mountains from Genova.

 Running in a nearly completed state at Model Trains in the Valley- October 25th 2015  Based on operating experience fiddle yard being extended


***Invite accepted for Eurotrack February 2017

 (Following Eurotrack this layout was dismantled, but was featured in Continental Modeller in Mid 2017)


Size: 4880 x 2400 including operating space DCC with sound

First club layout to use multi-purpose club fiddle yard, which  commenced construction late May 2013.

Available for exhibition from late 2017

Circular layout with through main line and S-Bahn station on viaducts. Street level tram

Was shown in construction form at Club Open Day 2013. Was shown in incomplete form at Model Trains in the Valley 2014, with tram running achieved during the event

Fully operational. Work on scenic treatment proceeding

David p on left, Tony G on right-hiddenfrom view John B and Bob
Busy, busy. David P on left, Tony G on right-partially hidden from view John B and completely hidden Bob   23rd August 2013

Friedrichstasse- complete set of boards erected for first time. (We sneaked into the main hall just after the carpet bowlers had departed) Left to right Andrew who’s Dad Eric made the boards and legs, Tony B, Bob, Ben, John and Chris. The dropped section on the left is provided to allow for the station and approach tracks to be mounted on a viaduct with trams running at board level . Fiddle yard on right which can accomodate about 7 carriage train and loco.  20th September 2013
The river
The river/canal-slightly dropped section to form base of water. A classic iron bridge will pass over taking tracks into the station at right 20th September 2013
All photos by Nick H


*** Attended Milland Rural Fair Sunday 5th June 2016-  shown fully operational (except trams) with some scenic work complete

***Invitation to appear at Fareham Rotarail  22nd April 2017 accepted – but withdrawn September 2016

 Titherleigh- British OO (1:76)
Southern Railway Branch Line Terminus set in the West Country


Available for exhibition from February 2017

Being built by a small team of Eric, Andrew, Martin & Graham as a club layout to balance the “continental tendencies” in the club!

        Model Trains in the Valley 2016

*** Rotarail 2017

*** New Entry

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