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Hornby announcement on new items for 2013

Hornby  announced their new items for 2013 on Monday 17th December , slightly earlier than the midday deadline previously announced.

Amongst the new models announced are a Southern Electric 2-BIL  unit in SR and BR(S) livery for delivery in the first qtr.

A Sentinel diesel shunter for private sidings and docks and a new range of MK 1 carriages. There are further  stock numbers for the BR(S) push pull unit and the SR Deal signal box, originally announced for 2012 and then cancelled, is restored as part of the new Skaledale items for the year. A number of new livery/number options for the M-7, T-9, K-A’s and rebuilt Bullied pacifics are also included.

30th January 2013- Hornby web site indicates  2 Bil now available, although yet to see items for sale

1st February 2013- Listed as available on Kernow site

20th February 2013- Hattons advised  my 2 Bil order being dispatched

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT 17th January 2013

There appears to be a long awaited entry of Hornby, through their Arnold range, into British outline N scale, with a model of the Southern Electric Brighton Belle unit in Pulman and BR liveries. Hattons are listing them and the Hornby international site intermittently lists it together with a Rivarossi USA tank in HO.

TV Documentary Wednesday 23rd January 2013

9 pm to 10 pm Wednesday 23rd January BBC 4-The Joy of Train Sets  “a respectful tribute to model railways” 

According to the Radio Times “It’s essentially a pointless activity. It’s not going to save someone’s life. But it might save someone’s sanity”

Comment: Probably the most intelligent programme to describe the hobby’s history and part in the UK’s social history to the general public, in recent years. All the modellers appearing were a credit to the hobby and others appreciative of the skill employed by them. Nobody made fun of the hobby or those involved in it, which was definitely a change for the better. (23-01-13)

First of Kernow Class 205″Thumper” DEMU’s being dispatched- 15th February

Kernow have received from Bachmann and  are dispatching, the BR(S)   green livery with orange “V”, unit number 1115.

I used these units fairly regularly from their introduction in September 1957 to 1960 to visit my Grandparents in Winchester  from Farnham in Surrey, using the Southern Electric from Farnham to Alton and the  Mid Hants line from Alton to Winchester City (There was still another Winchester station known a Winchester Chesil (pronounced Cheese-hill), on the Didcot Newbury and Southampton Line).The trains terminated at Southampton Terminus at that time.

Later I used them to “commute”  in 1960 – 1961 as part of my journey from Winchester  to  Weybridge to attend Brooklands Tech., again using the Mid Hants line to Alton to link with the Southern Electric from Alton.For this journey at this date it provided a faster time than  via the main line (still steam services)

I wonder whether the Bachmann models”rock” from side to side like the originals did before “take-off”  and the noise.?.

Happy days

BACHMANN NEW MODELS FOR 2013/4 (announced 10th March)

00 Highlights

SECR /SR/BR  E4+ Birdcage carriages

GWR/BR 64 xx Pannier+ Auto trailers

Midland Class 1F

LMS Stanier Mogul

Class 43 Warship

New tooling Thompson Coaches

MK 2 F coaches

Wickham trolley

N Highlights

SR/BR N Class loco

GWR/BR 64xx Panier

LMS/BR Fairburn Tank

GWR/BR Castle Class

Midland 4F

Full details on Bachmann Europe site

April 2013

The N gauge Society are forming (have formed) a Hampshire branch and held their first meeting at the Fareham & District Club at their Harbour View, Portchester club room  on the 3rd April. (Source Fareham & District MRC, but no mention on N gauge Society web page!)

I hear that the Fawley Model Railway Club is closing and has donated an 00 layout to the Fareham & District Club (Source Fareham & District MRC website)

May 2013

News report on BBC News (27-05) that there is a shortage of suitable coal for preserved railways, due to closure recently of pits in UK.

June 2013

Dapol operating semaphore lattice and solid post operating 00 & N scale SR signals are listed on Hattons website without prices, pictures or availability dates. (recent additions section)

These are additional to the 0,00 & N scale GWR and LMS  semaphore signals and colour light signals already announced.

Late June/ Early July 2013

Modelzone has been placed into administration. Stores are still operating but the website for on line sales has been taken down. 400 jobs at risk.

Hattons are indicating forthcoming motorised 00 scale SR signals by Dapol as lattice and possibly rail built. No prices indicated

They had also  indicated 0 scale but this appears to have been deleted

Large list of Dapol 0, 00 and N scale on Hattons recent additions and forthcoming lists

Sad News

Editor of Tramfare the journal of the Tramway and Light Railway Society Graham Sidwell, died 5th May 2013 aged 68

Founder, Publisher and Editor of  0 Scale Trains Magazine- an American bi-monthly publication, Joseph A Giannovario died 7th June 2013 aged 65. We understand the magazine will continue publication.


Skytrex manufacturer of resin building kits in 0 and 00 and ready to run 0 gauge diesels and rolling stock and military models in various scales, have been placed in administration as from 31st July 2013. A clearance sale is to follow shortly

As at 28th August – website says “clearance sale coming soon”

Fareham & District Model Railway Club have an upgraded website with a revised address. Our link has been updated

Kernow Model Rail  have announced exclusive limited edition of of an L&SWR type 3 signal box as used at Boscarne Junction and other locations. Models to be  produced by Bachmann Scenecraft-item 44-011Z  to be available by end of 2013; also Southern Railway Boom water column and arm, item 44-120Z. See Kernow website for details. Both are available at special pre-order prices.


RM Web correspondents are saying Bachmann will launch  an ex London, Brighton and South Coast Railway H2 Class Atlantic 4-4-2 locomotive in 2015.Initial names: Beachy Head in BR Black with early crest and St Albans Head in SR Olive Green.  Listed on Hattons (£89 subject to confirmation)) and Kernow (no price) sites

Modelzone -all remaining stores will be closed by mid-September as no buyer for the business could be found

Peco are to introduce a set track range for 0 gauge. Hattons are listing on their recent additions page, 400 mm length bullhead  straight track and 2nd radius 410 mm curved track sections


Kernow and Hattons are listing considerable savings on specific Bachmann and Hornby items, although not always on the same items

Oxford diecasts seem to have announced a number of new models, all I understand available at various dates  in 2014 including Bournemouth liveried Bedford OWB, several new colours for the HO scale American cars of the late 40’s and 50’s (original models still not available?); some interesting new military vehicles including an RAF “Queen Mary” tractor and trailer unit (all in oo); a prewar Austin 7 van and saloon in o scale. Hattons site has them all listed under “recent additions”

Peco The recently launched 00-9 RTR Lynton and Barnstable carriages seem to have come and gone very quickly. Some sites are listing them but with no stocks. Others like Hattons appear to have removed them from their site. A case of under-estimated sales or creating demand by small production runs?

Skytrex The following note has recently appeared on their site

“Skytrex (2013) Ltd is pleased to announce that it has managed to purchase the remaining assets of “Skytrex Ltd” from the Administrators.The model railway side of the business has been secured largely intact.We will endeavour to get things up and running as soon as possible but there will inevitably need to be a short period of restructuring and re-organisation prior to a full re-launch of the products we can supply. The contact details remain the same: telephone, websites and emails.   All messages received during the Administration period have been made available to us and we will follow up  these where appropriate.”

Kernow have announced an exclusive, limited edition model of an L&SWR Ground frame hut in 00 scale, based on an example at Boscarne Jct.  These were of a “standard design “, widely used throughout the L&SWR system. The model, which is manufactured by Bachmann Scenecraft, should be available at the end of this year. It is being offered at a special pre-order price of £12-99.

The Polk family have announced that Aristo Craft –G scale and 0/0-27 tinplate trains manufacturer/supplier in USA, is closing at the end of 2013. There is no information on any plans for the range of models to be supplied by another company.The company has been in existence for 80 years.


Kernow have announced considerable changes to their relationship with Dapol regarding commissioned models including cancellation of some projects. In their weekly newsletter  issued Friday 8th November 2013 they have made the following statement-

“Limited Edition News – O Gauge and OO Gauge Models from Dapol – a statement
In our determination to provide high-quality detailed models we are constantly reviewing progress of our projects.  Sometimes this can reveal that changes need to be made, most of which are invisible to our customers.

After careful consideration we have decided to manage the production of our Adams O2 and L&SWR Gate Stock OO Gauge models directly with the factory in China, this being the same factory that built our award-winning OO Gauge Beattie Well Tank.  We have asked Dave Jones of DJ Models to oversee these projects which will continue the close working relationship we have had since we started commissioning exclusive models.

Work on the OO Gauge Tiger Clay Wagons, Bulleid Diesel locos and D6 xx Warships also continues as well as other yet-to-be announced projects, all of which will be produced under a new commercial agreement of which details will be given in due course.

All existing orders for these products will be held and there is no need to contact us about this change unless of course you have changed your phone number, email address or house address and not previously advised us.

A consequence of this decision is that Dapol no longer feel able to progress the O Gauge Beattie Well Tank project and associated clay wagons.  We had been working with Dapol to find alternative ways of producing this model, but the pre-orders have been disappointingly low with fewer than 200 orders placed.  This is despite a huge discount being offered to encourage and reward customers who placed a pre-order and it being made clear that the pre-order could be cancelled at any time.  While we may look at this again in the future for the time being we are going to concentrate on our core OO gauge market.  We have already emailed and written to all customers who still held a pre-order for the O Gauge models with details of a special offer to reward their loyalty and patience.

Even after the above changes we had around £275 k of special projects remaining with Dapol and it was our intention to continue with these, but Dapol have cancelled all of these with the exception of the OO Gauge models of D 1003 V Western Ruler and B 850 ZA and B 850 ZB Weathered Silver Bullets which are already in production.  Our exclusive Class 73’s, Bubble Cars, Turbots and Class 22’s have all been cancelled and we are obviously very sorry and disappointed that Dapol have chosen to do this.  This unexpected act means that we have had to remove these models from our website and have not yet had chance to contact everybody who placed pre-orders but will do so as soon as possible.

We thank all our customers for their patience and understanding for bearing with us and with our new agreement we expect rapid progress to be made on the Gate Stock and O2 models and look forward to sharing positive news about these very soon.

 Hornby announcement date

RM web have advised that the details of Hornby’s releases for 2014 will be announced on Monday 16th December 2013 at 10.00 am

This is two weeks earlier than in the recent past and is possibly better geared to model railway magazine press dates than the previous arrangements.


Hornby new models for 2014 as announced 16th December 2013

It looks like a fairly low key 2014 with lots of models announced for previous years now to appear in 2014. Good news on the L&NER front with a number of new locos (J15, K1, and D16/3 -Super Claud) and teak coaches with different running numbers.

For Southern fans a 2-HAL electric multiple unit plus a Class 700   ex L&SWR steam freight loco known as a “Black Motor”.

There is a useful looking Railroad o-4-0 industrial Bagnall diesel DCC ready for £29-99 which may be useful for 0n30 modellers or with a bit of detailing for 00 industrial modellers.

New coaches MK1’s but not yet in Southern Region green, and Mk 2 E’s in 3 versions- all Railroad range

Freight wagons are mainly new liveries plus a new L&NER long CCT

In Skaledale there are some new low relief buildings; a particularly nice village hall and a new prototype station and associated buildings


After the sudden news in July 2013 of closure and almost immediate cessation of publication after over 100 years, it has now been announced that Thomas Cook have reached agreement with European Rail Timetable Limited, for the timetable to be relaunched in February 2014. The company involved in the deal is headed by John Potter a former member of the editorial team. (Benelux Railways Society Nieuwsbrief Issue 87- (December 2013)

January 2014

Peco are introducing Peco TV to their website.

So far it consists of two videos; one covering scale and gauges of model railways and the other covering the new Peco smart switch. The aim is to cover most Peco products and more general information on aspects of the hobby. and follow side bar link to Peco tv

Alte Zeit Gruppe (Historical German Railway Group) and European Railway Association to merge

Press announcement issue 20th January 2014

The Alte Zeit Gruppe is to join forces with the recently-formed European Railways  Association.
The Alte Zeit Group will become an autonomous national section within the ERA catering for those interested in German Railways from the very beginning right up to the modern era.
As well as strength in numbers, there are many other benefits arising from the merger : the ERA is to adopt the AZG’s modern web-based electronic membership system and as the ERA expands by adding national sections covering the railways of other European  countries, all members will have access to all sections for a single, low subscription of £11.50 pa.

Until the new website of the combined group is launched at the end of March, new members can join the ERA on-line through the AZG membership portal at


The European Rail Timetable is back. Received my March copy today in the post.

Great- now I can plan my rail journey to the Mediterranean coast of Spain, later in the year

Dapol have announced a new class B4 ex L&SWR dock tank as part of the 2014 catalogue. The prototype was used latterly at Southampton Docks and Winchester City goods yard, as it was particularly suited to tight radius track. Will be a good companion to the previously announced USA tank (2012 Model Rail/Dapol) which has yet to appear.


Model Power.  After nearly 50 years serving the American hobby industry, the 3rd generation family business will be closing effective immediately. (22nd April notice on their web site)


In the latest issue of Tramfare  (Tramway and Light Railway Society members magazine) there is news of a development under-way for road inserts into Peco 00 set track to give a tramway appearance- also for full sections into which code 100 rail is inserted. The development uses 3D printing. No manufacturer, date of availability or price is given.

Bachmann have announced 20% price increases across the board

Hattons – are listing under “Recent Additions” various Kadee couplings which should improve availability and price in UK. also listed   Heljan Metropolitan Bo- Bo loco in a variety of liveries and names including original livery, Wartime Grey, LT ,Sarah Siddons and Sherlock Holmes. Pre-order price £107  Also re-introduction(?) of 1959 Picadilly tube stock (un-powered) by EFE-only driving cars listed


The Lynton & Barnstable Railway site is identifying a new 00 scale kit from an Australian manufacturer Outback Models of a set of Lynton Station buildings for £125 plus 20% VAT(payable at point of importation into UK)


Bachmann have announced range of 00-9 to cover WW1- Baldwin loco, carriages and wagons