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The L&DMRC celebrated its fiftieth birthday in 2014 & that time wanted to create an archive…
Gauge O Guild Reports

To start off, we have excerpts of some reports of model railway activities in the area, taken from Gauge 0 Guild reports and  local sources.We believe that some, if not all those people mentioned, were also members of our club

The Gauge 0 Guild was formed in 1956 to ensure that 1:43rd scale railway modelling survived in the UK.

In those days clockwork drive was very popular in this scale and for many years the Guild ensured that there was a continuing supply of parts to repair and maintain the mechanisms. The Guild’s membership number was given in the form, GOG followed by the number. The lower the number, the nearer to the founding of the Guild.

The Guild has been very successful in ensuring the scale continued and in recent years has seen the return of “ready to run” mass produced models  of British stock by Heljan and Dapol, amongst others. The Guild has over 5000 members and is probably one , if not, the, leading scale specialist scale society in the world. Similar organisations have been established in France and Germany

APRIL 1966

(Ronald Shephard- Lynchmere Editor)

Haslemere Museum -report

An Exhibition 2nd December 1965 to 1st January 1966 refers to reports in Haslemere Herald, Sussex Advertiser , Midhurst Observer and reference to Gorden Madgwick of Whitmore Vale, Neil Ross, Lt Col. R.O. Taylor (Godalming) and G. Casteeli Baker of the Rumbold Gallery, Midhurst.

APRIL 1968 Gauge O Guild Gazette

The Liphook & District Model Railway Club will be exhibiting at The Spring Holiday Fete on Monday 3rd June 1968, 2-30 to 6-00 pm, Lychmere Cricket Ground, Lynchmere, Near Haslemere

Members of the Guild are invited to view Ronald Shephard’s 0 gauge indoor  railway, on application to the club’s stand.

OCTOBER 1969 Gauge O Guild Gazette

Mr H.H. White (GOG 359) of Howard’s Farm, Holybourne arranged for his model railway to be open to the public on Sunday 14th September in aid of the village church restoration fund. On view were 500 ft of track including 100 ft of double outdoor main line and 16 locos, 24 coaches and 80 other vehicles.

JULY 1970 Gauge O Guild Gazette

Ronald Shephard (GOG 100) writes that “O Gauge invaded Alton and Liphook”

At recent exhibitions Gauge O displays have increased. At the former, our member F. White of Farnham, operated a Bassett Lowke (B.L.) 4-4-0 clockwork. Steam. smoke and at one time flames from a B.L. LMS 2-6-0 and a T-9, also in steam, the latter made by Mike Johnson. In a siding a short freight train. Com. White exhibited some of his GWR models, No. 2912, with Paddington- Penzance passenger stock and a freight train.

Liphook Village Hall stage was partly filled with a 6′ stand. On it Flying Scotsman and Royal Scots; A LMC (Leeds Model Company) Sentinel; a LNER passenger train by “R” models. SBR had a 3′ stand of its own.

Members R Shephard, N.Ross and Harry Greenside all loaned locomotives and rolling stock.

OCTOBER 1970 Gauge O Guild Gazette

In the grounds of Little Pond House, Grange Road, Tilford, Surrey an oval pear-shaped Gauge O railway has been built, 70′ long for the use of clockwork and steam, single track, with a passing loop and sidings.

Progress reports will be published in the Gazette. Permission to view and use the track should be first obtained from Mr  J. Finch, International Children’s Help, at the above address.

Little Pond House was a convalescent home for children, used latterly by the NHS and had previously been home to children from Europe sent there by International Help for Children after the war. It may have been associated with the Okenden Venture. The house is now a care home.

OCTOBER 1971 Gauge O Guild Gazette

Report on 3rd opening to the public of Howard’s Farm Model Railway on 12th September 1971 (See October 1969 report)

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