Memories 2

Old club account books yield early history

P. Stephens Treasurer

The account books we have go back to 1967 when we appear to have had  21 members. Of these we still have A. G. as a member, although we believe there was broken service later, due to discovering girls, marriage and children!

At the year end,  after expenditure for the year,  we had £3-5-1 in the bank and £3-15-6 in cash.

Of our income subs brought us £29-13-4 (about £1-8-3 each member). Other significant income was from sales  Headley Fete on the 22nd April  £1-8-6 and  Liphook fete 24th June of £1-10-0. We made a donation of 15 shillings to each fete.

Hire of a hall for the AGM 11th February 1967 cost £2-0-0. Insurance for the year cost £2-0-0

To convert costs to present day equivalents multiply by 15


S.J.Ellis Treasurer

There was a considerable improvement in the club’s finances and we ended the year with £15-1-7 in the bank  and £5-9-1 in cash.

We attended an exhibition in Bristol in early September,  possibly with an 0 gauge layout, which after expenses appears to have made the club £32-19-0.

(A former member had moved to the Bristol area (Nailsea) and possibly the invite had come via him.)

We also attended Lynchmere Fete 3rd June and made a profit of £2-3-6 after a donation of £2-0-0; followed by Holy Cross fete on 29th June. The sale of magazines raised 5/4

Room hire (for the year?) cost £11-17-0. We paid out  £1 for club room lock repair  and hire of room (for AGM?) had gone down to 1 guinea (£1-1-0)

Club insurance  was unchanged at £2-0-0

To convert costs to present day equivalents multiply by 15

Reviewed but not revised January 2019