Too cold to model railways

For those of you viewing this from places who have snow regularly  take a break and have a laugh at our expense  with our current predicament here in the UK due to snow.

Its been snowing for a couple of days and we are not coping well. We have up to 900 mm of the stuff in some places and in others as little as 90 mm, but we have surrendered- we are advised to stay at home, main roads are blocked for hours, some for days, passengers are stranded in trains- train services are suspended, we are running out of gas and there is panic buying.

None of these issues are caused by the EU but are our Governments sole fault. Of course we apparently coming out of the EU so we can run things ourselves.

We need rescuing- if it goes on at this rate we will be taking to little boats and heading for sanctuary in Dunkirk or Calais….