Milland Valley Railway Modellers Future Developments

We have started to think how the group might develop in the future. 
Building a layout in two places- me doing that here at home and all members at our Redford meetings, is perhaps not the easiest way. Considerable time and effort is wasted each time in loading a car, unloading at the other end and doing the reverse after the meeting.
At our last group meeting, I suggested that perhaps we should confine layout building to my home, with members present and used our meetings at Redford for small self contained personal or group modelling projects.
Although most members were at our last meeting, further discussions are required. 
I will be looking at ways of rearranging my railway room, to accomodate members and layout building easily, whist we are on our current two month break.
Obviously if we have a mix of meeting venues, we can actually have more meetings per year at no extra cost to members, as meetings at my home will be free of hire charges.
Provisionally it looks possible to have say 20 sessions a year made up of 8 at Redford (third Wednesday in the month except January,July, August and December) and the balance at home on another Wednesday afternoon each month
We also have the flexibility to hold home meetings as required, if members aren’t available and if no or more work on the layout is required.
On the current membership of 8 and similar support from Liphook U3A for hire charges, the new group subs for 2020/21 would decrease by £10 to £23 per annum.Expanding the group to over 8 however may be difficult for the home sessions

Lots of Fun at Milland Valley Railway Modellers -April 2019 meeting

We were back to our old stamping ground with the meeting held at Milland Valley Memorial Hall due to kitchen work at Redford Village Hall

In a well attended session- 5 members and 2 visitors, we were able to get underway with laying track AND a test run of a tram.

Many were taken back to first time they got to see a Christmas or Birthday present train set run. Seven grey haired or balding 8 year old kids having lots of fun!!

We hope that the visitors return and in due course turn into regular members. This would take membership to 9

U3A’s with model railway groups

With the aid of a new “index of rare U3A subject groups” compiled by Arthur Maltby  of Deeside & Wirral U3A, I have ascertained there are another 7 model railway groups attached to local u3A’s.

The full list is

Bedford, Buxton, Castle Bromwich, Emsworth, Epping Forest, Kings Lynn, Liphook & March

Most are informal groups and meet at members houses; two possibly three are building layouts and one Castle Bromwich is affiliated to a club                   ( Birmingham MRC )

I have written an e-mail to Emsworth- the closest to us to see if we can exchange ideas and perhaps in the future have a joint session.

Resigned from a national model railway club

I have just resigned from a UK branch of an international model railway association. I advised the Membership secretary that I was not renewing my membership.

Quite quickly I received a reply asking for my reasons, to which I replied. I apologised for the rather negative feelings about the organisation, but these were my views . I then received a lengthy reply which could have been written into an episode of “One foot in the grave”  as from Victor Meldrew. I was taken to task for choosing not to be contacted or not permitting my details included in their membership list. What had I ever done for the organisation etc etc

I did write back commenting why ask and not to take it so personally.

I love model railways as a hobby but not necessarily all those who participate in it.

Liphook U3A- Building a Model Railway Group – Latest News

The group has now completed 6 sessions with some success but there are problems with  regular attendance, the format and number of members

Attendance – there is no real answer to this. There can be no compulsion -you can’t make people attend, but we can make it an “I don’t want to miss it” session and the more members we have the less vulnerable the group is to very low numbers attending a particular session.

Format– The current members want to have more active participation in modelling and this will tried in the first session of 2018 on 17th January. Dioramas will probably figure highly in this.

Recruitment of members. I have started placing pieces in local social media sites drawing attention to the group and the value of the group to those wanting to build a model railway for a grandchild, following the gift of a train set at Christmas. The Liphook U3A Open Day in March 2018 will also be targeted for a display of the groups first layout East Hants Link- I shall be negotiating with the Liphook U3A  committee on this shortly.

In the longer term, I haven’t given up on forming some sort of “alliance” with  the Liphook & District Model Railway Club, which could be beneficial to both, as I do not believe we are in competition with  each other for members. I would also like to expand the role of this website and the Milland Valley Railway series of Facebook pages in following progress on projects.

Railway Children Charity- the group has made regular small donations at each session to this charity, which looks after homeless children living in and around railway stations in India , East Africa and the UK. We are well on the way to donating £70 over a 12 month period.

One year since Liphook & District Model Railway Club left us

Time passes and its about a year since we started the separation process between L&DMRC and this website.

What the separation has done is to allow each to concentrate on what’s important to each .

With this I have been able to create a  Facebook pages in the Milland Valley series- ten of them to date, to cover my interests in various aspects of railway modelling and transport history.

Please search for them on Facebook- I hope you enjoy the content

Milland O Gauge Modeller; Building a Model Railway Group; Milland Valley Railway-Dioramas; Milland Valley- Tram; Milland Valley Bus modelling; Milland Valley 009; Milland Valley N; Milland Valley HO American & Continental; Milland Valley- local railway history; Milland Valley local bus history

Now Railway of the Month for L&DMRC member!

Graham Ashley followed up the featuring of his Italian HO layout in Continental Modeller’s June Edition, with Railway of the Month in September’s issue of the sister magazine Railway Modeller.

“Bridport re-imagined” is an OO scale modern image British outline “never leave home” layout located in a purpose built room using half of a double garage.

So for the record,  layouts at the Liphook club have now been featured three times in Continental Modeller (two articles on a Japanese N scale club layout and one on the Italian HO scale layout) and once in Railway Modeller.

Unfortunately none of the layouts now exist. Yamanouchi Oshika was sold and is now a British layout!; Travo has been dismantled, as has Bridport- ready for an impending house move.

For a club of 13 or so members a good effort..