Milland Valley Railway Modellers Future Developments

We have started to think how the group might develop in the future. 
Building a layout in two places- me doing that here at home and all members at our Redford meetings, is perhaps not the easiest way. Considerable time and effort is wasted each time in loading a car, unloading at the other end and doing the reverse after the meeting.
At our last group meeting, I suggested that perhaps we should confine layout building to my home, with members present and used our meetings at Redford for small self contained personal or group modelling projects.
Although most members were at our last meeting, further discussions are required. 
I will be looking at ways of rearranging my railway room, to accomodate members and layout building easily, whist we are on our current two month break.
Obviously if we have a mix of meeting venues, we can actually have more meetings per year at no extra cost to members, as meetings at my home will be free of hire charges.
Provisionally it looks possible to have say 20 sessions a year made up of 8 at Redford (third Wednesday in the month except January,July, August and December) and the balance at home on another Wednesday afternoon each month
We also have the flexibility to hold home meetings as required, if members aren’t available and if no or more work on the layout is required.
On the current membership of 8 and similar support from Liphook U3A for hire charges, the new group subs for 2020/21 would decrease by £10 to £23 per annum.Expanding the group to over 8 however may be difficult for the home sessions

Milland Valley Railway Modellers June Meeting

The final meeting before the group’s Summer break is on Wednesday 19th June at Redford Village Hall, Linch Road, Redford GU29 0QF commencing at 14.00hrs

We shall be continuing tracklaying on East Hants Link and members are welcome to bring along their personal project to work on.

Visitors who are already members of the Liphook, Midhurst, Petersfield, Haslemere or Wollmer Forest U3A’s are welcome to attend

Meetings resume on Wednesday 18th September at the same location and starting time

Lots of Fun at Milland Valley Railway Modellers -April 2019 meeting

We were back to our old stamping ground with the meeting held at Milland Valley Memorial Hall due to kitchen work at Redford Village Hall

In a well attended session- 5 members and 2 visitors, we were able to get underway with laying track AND a test run of a tram.

Many were taken back to first time they got to see a Christmas or Birthday present train set run. Seven grey haired or balding 8 year old kids having lots of fun!!

We hope that the visitors return and in due course turn into regular members. This would take membership to 9

New Year computer problems

1st January 2019

WE HAVE  BEEN UNABLE TO SEND OR RECEIVE e-mail DUE TO A MAJOR SERVER PROBLEM FROM 20th DECEMBER 2018.  As at 31st DECEMBER  this problem has been resolved. Our e-mails are no longer held on our server but held on a G-Mail platform . Our e-mail addresses are unchanged.

It does mean that any e-mails sent to us since late on the 19th December 2018 up to 31st December cannot be recovered. We are  unable to access other data; photos, documents etc until a new server is built and brought into use.

Heroism at Liss station prior to WW1

Petersfield Post 28th November 2018 Nostalgia Section recalls an act of heroism by the booking clerk, Percy Norwood,  at Liss Railway Station on November 27th 1913 for which he received the Edward Medal*- a forerunner of the George Medal.

He saved the life of a local blacksmith who was driving a cart approaching the railway crossing. The pony pulling the cart bolted and dashed into the level crossing gates throwing Harry Rasell into the path of an approaching train. Norwood just succeeded in getting Rasell clear, but the engine which had been thrown into reverse by the engine driver, still struck Norwood on the head causing him  serious injuries – fractured skull amongst others.  After recovery he returned to work on the London & South Western Railway. He died in 1972 aged 79.

Percy Norwood came from Eastleigh and in 1977 a primary school was named after him. The school holds an annual event to remember his heroism.

*Edward Medal instituted in the reign of Edward VII for miners, quarry men and industrial workers who had risked their lives for fellow workers. In 1971 holders of this medal were given the option of converting their award to the George Cross. This was introduced in 1940 for acts of great courage not in the face of an enemy and is the highest bravery award that can be given to civilians. One of the most famous recipients of the GC was the people of Malta for their courage in the siege of that island  by the Italian and German forces during WW 2

Good day at L&DMRC Model Trains in the Valley

Milland Valley Railway Modellers had an enjoyable day at the ninth annual Model Trains in the Valley on Sunday 21st October. Four of us turned up and did some scenic plastering on East Hants Link.

Unfortunately attendance was fairly low- due probably to the lovely sunny weather. However we enjoyed ourselves and were made very welcome. Lots of chat on the hobby, washed down with lovely coffee and cakes by Phillipa made for a very pleasant way of spending a Sunday!