There are links for our local bus services

Although we have an interest in Bus modelling, history etc we can’t say that our area is overwhelmed with local buses. We can get to Petersfield Wednesdays and Saturdays only¬† and stay nearly 3 hours before turning round and coming back courtesy of Stagecoach South and West Sussex County Council. We can also get to Midhurst Fridays only for an hour and a half, courtesy of Compass Bus and WSCC

We have however put some links into the two bus providers timetables more as a public service.

What is surprising is that being in the South Downs National Park, you would have thought they might have been involved in subsidising buses from local rail-heads to areas of the park, to assist walkers and cyclists and remove some car journeys from our very narrow lanes- not a bit of it. They haven’t even put up signs on the boundaries of the National Park