Local newspapers

In times past every village & town in a a local newspapers circulation area had a local hack who had his or her nose to local news stories and all the local events. Local clubs were given space to report their news. In the Hampshire Chronicle for instance they had regular reports of local railway news & history.

You know what I’m going to say now- it isn’t like that now!

They’re interested in advertising-mostly the national sport of buying or selling or looking at houses for sale- but little news- because the reporters are not out & about sniffing the news; nor reporting about magistrate courts cases, but they’re sitting in nice warm offices waiting for e-mails from the general public.

Clubs & interest groups are increasingly denied access because the reporters know nothing of the local area & care less & its so much easier to take a briefing from the local MP (not an interview note) provided by party news minders at party HQ.

Luckily, locally we do have what a local newspaper should be about, not created by paid professionals,  only available 6 times a year but it is crammed full of truly local items of interest. Its what keeps a very small  country area together… and it includes pieces about the local model railway club!