Not in the correct back yard

Small community organisations,like model railway clubs, have in the recent “digital age” been able to use community listings which are part of local authority websites.

Locally that’s recently all changed. They appear to have been privatised and much, if not all, such information has disappeared. One of our local council listings has been retained but is managed by an organisation in Wigan.

Now local clubs are in border territory, so listing is needed under Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey to make any sense of where potential members are drawn from. The lady in Lancashire didn’t understand this local dimension, so has done some editing- you can only be in one county!. Now I know that Lancastrians & Yorkshire folk have some problems with such things, but we are much more friendly down south.. (perhaps?)

Then there are local websites who appear to have rules about not including local organisations that don’t meet in their village or town even when said locality hasn’t a club covering that interest! This rule seems to have get outs- bowls clubs aren’t fettered by this..

Is it just model railway clubs who incur the wrath of list compilers?. If Haslemere , where its probably a capital offence to be a member of the Labour Party, can list that unmentionable organisation, why not the local model railway club in Liphook? (They haven’t got one of their own!) but they do list the Liphook Bowling Club!

What an unfriendly lot we’ve become- not only don’t we wan’t to have anything to do with countries close to us, we don’t want to have anything to do with the next village or town, or with friendly old gentlemen who happen to play trains.

More tolerance to us & Yorkshire I say.