Railway Children Charity proceeds at this years Model Trains in the Valley

For the first time this year we selected a railway themed charity to collect for at our annual Open Day.

We chose Railway Children, a charity that operates amongst homeless children in East Africa, India & the UK found at or near large railway stations https://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/

We had a display of their Christmas Cards & a collecting tin and raised a grand total of £70 made up of

Sale of Cards- 8 sets- £34

 Collection box             £21

Club Donation              £15

Thank you to all who made a donation or bought cards

5.11.2016 Received Railway Children Certificate in club name for receipt of £70 from club

Busman’s day out

Had an enjoyable 4 hours  or so yesterday on an Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group trip from Aldershot to Winchester & back. Three buses were used a Dennis Falcon, a Leyland National and an AEC Reliance- all single-deckers.

The trip was to recreate a journey on the 14 route. Unfortunately a double- decker allocated couldn’t be used as the driver was sick. To my knowledge the 14 route was always operated by double deckers.

I got to travel on each of the 3 vehicles- the Dennis Falcon dating from 1956 had a very hard ride but was in the best condition.

The route took in Farnham, Bentley, Froyle,Alton, Itchen Stoke,  Itchen Abbas, Kings Worthy, Headbourne Worthy and ended at the site of Winchester Coach station- in Worthy Road-now just a few coach parking places with a motel!

I travelled by train from Bentley station to Aldershot – a route I haven’t used regularly for many years. Lots of changes both at the station and on route.

Although I have been a member of the group for a number of years this is the first trip I have been on. Now that I have more time on Friday evenings I may be able to get to their monthly meetings at Normandy Village Hall- between Aldershot & Guildford.


Exit local model railway club

Well we had a really great day, playing and talking trains at the club’s 2016 Model Trains in the Valley Open Day. This was the last of seven such events I have either organised or been involved in at the club.

Farnham & District put on a good show of their new  O scale layout and many thanks for their happy countenance throughout the event.

Thanks to the members who attended for all their hard work- they seem to have enjoyed themselves

Disappointed , with no attempt at public thanks from the current  chairman, for my efforts  for the club over many years- I was right to leave.

I hope to keep in touch with many of the members in one way or another so all is not lost.

Thanks to Nick for making the handover easy and positive and good luck to him in his future role.



Carter Paterson

Last Sunday I picked up  from Wessex Wagons stand at the Uckfield Show some OO wagons and an O gauge coal wagon.

The OO wagons included a Carter Paterson container on an SR flat.

It is quite amazing how few models of CP’s fleet you see on model railways set up to the 40’s & 50’s. Their lorries were seen on every street delivering & collecting goods & parcels- I believe they were THE parcel carrier in those days & had been owned by the “big four” railway companies from 1933, although the company dated back to 1860. For most of their existence they acted as parcel agents for  railway companies.

After the railways and road transport nationalisation in 1948, they were progressively absorbed into British Road Services.

They were also associated closely with a breed of dog- the Jack Russell terrier. To cut down on pilfering from the rear of their delivery/collection lorries they had a large number of these canine “employees”. The dogs spent their working lives bedded down with the parcels in the rear area of the covered lorry. Wobetide any light fingered opportunist who placed his hand inside this area. The breed are very territorial & have extremely sharp teeth. The company gave proper provision for their welfare & feeding & were probably lodged with the drivers family when not working!

I have personal knowledge of the breed- they are the most loyal & active dogs imaginable and in the past were used to flush out or kill fox cubs in their lair  or hunt rats. They do however make wonderful house dogs and are great characters full of spirit!

Would make a wonderful High Street scene on a layout, with the open back lorry- often just a canvas curtain and a little terrier looking out.

Third Spanish rail trip renews interest in Spanish themed layout

I have just returned from a holiday in Estepona mainly to play boule (petanque) with local ex pat teams & a local club in Gibraltar.

Although the main U3A boule group travelled out  and back by air via  Malaga, I travelled by train  from London to Paris, Paris to Barcelona (overnight stay) Barcelona to Malaga, then bus to our hotel in Estepona.

This added two days to the holiday- I left a day earlier and got back a day later.

Previously I have done a similar trip to Estepona (2012) going via  a Paris to Madrid sleeper- a service suspended a few weeks later. A trip in 2014 to Altea was via Barcelona (overnight stay) and Alicante, then on the local light rail (tram line) virtually to the door of the hotel.

I have been a member of the Iberian Railways Society for a number of years, but I am no expert on the system.

I have toyed with the idea of a small HO scale layout- firstly a “what if” layout situated in Gibraltar – connected to the Spanish system. In the end I decided this was a bit too politically charged!!

On the recent trip I renewed my interest in a layout- this time a “what if” layout situated in Estepona. The town has a very interesting and historic town centre with surroundings hugely expanded in all the recent economic boom times- mostly to quite a good standard with lots of well thought out landscaping.

Luckily Spain has a number of model railway manufacturers the leading one being Electrotren owned by Hornby.

So watch out for developments on the layout blogs


Progress in transferring local model railway club content to new site

Work has started. In about a fortnight Nick Harling will have a copy of the L&DMRC content on this site,  so that transfer can get underway in earnest. We hope to complete the transfer in good order ASAP. We have a good working relationship, which is appreciated. Without it this could have been a painful process for all involved.

Transfer of other material, publicity & correspondence files should be carried out in a similar timescale.