Southern van goes even further “South for the Sun”

From The Italian Railways Society research & an Italian website, the World War Two Railway Study Group has identified an SR  12t Ferry Van in a photo taken in Vibo Valentia.

Apparently the van, which had Italian State Railways Engineering Department markings, was made by the SR for the WD in 1942 and was kitted out as a mobile repair shop.

Obviously wanted to retire to a place with a lot more sun than Eastbourne or Bournemouth!


Film premiere

We had a viewing of Bethany King’s new short film, which she made about railway preservation as part of her college course. Part of the film was shot at a club meeting a few weeks ago & some club suspects appeared.

Bethany earned a well deserved distinction for her film from her college tutors.

Remember now that a forthcoming leading director cut her teeth at the Liphook & District Model Railway Club!

We hope to have the film running at this years Model Trains in the Valley on 23rd October.

Brexit- the effect on modelling European prototypes?

Well the country has decided & perhaps shown how wrong the view in the public/saloon bar can be…

Well what effect will it have on European modelling?.

Prices are likely to increase for new & second-hand models.

Travel to see model shows on the continent; to see the prototype etc all -more. Possibly longer journeys due to more border checks

Hopefully we won’t be subject to  any abusive comments…

But don’t give up.

The prototype is still as interesting and as diverse as ever

Modelling in HO is still the one of the best scale/gauge combinations around

and a continental model railway layout remains one of the best ways of reminding us what we are missing…

Keep smiling


Buses on a model railway site?

And why not?

Most of the early bus companies were started as adjuncts to railway services and many were susbsequently owned or had majority shareholdings by railway companies. (They also pioneered many internal & European air services)

Local authorities were also very active in owning large bus fleets, particularly in large cities & holiday resorts.

We have added some local bus enthusiast groups to the sites links, with other groups covering bus & coach modelling to follow.

Any model railway layout will benefit from buses of the correct era, operator & type  to set the model scene.