Good day “playing trains”

In its first major operating session in front of the public, Friedrichstrasse performed well & put on a good show at our local Milland Rural Fair.

Thanks to Ben. Nick, Martin & James for operational excellence & to Mary & Mu who kept us plied with tea, coffee & cake.

Thanks to members of the general public who made kind comments & particularly to the young lad who returned many times to see the layout throughout the day. and was enthralled!

Busy meeting 3rd June

Preparations for the Rural Fair meant the Committee Room was more crowded than usual with Friedrichstrasse erected to fit the curtain & the perspex screening.

A small amount of running was achieved with a Trix TEE unit, but there were problems with the operation of the front & rear headlights.

A potential new member James  from Liphook turned up & seemed to enjoy himself.

Volunteered to help us out at the Rural Fair on Sunday.

Simon appeared to show progress on F/Strasse church. Announced he recently celebrated his 80th birthday- congratulations.

Showed samples of wall finish for viaduct- underwhelming response!

Appartment block moved away from church as it dominated the scene- now placed on “island” between tram tracks.

Area around church to be fully fledged churchyard