29th May Workday goes well

There was a reasonable turn out of 7 members working on Friedrichstrasse & the West Country branch line in the main hall of MVMH on Sunday.

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for  two hours of the 5 hours booked, but I’d expect that good progress was made. I have plenty of homework to do on Friedrichstrasse!

Liphook Village Day-Saturday 11th June (Cancelled)

We have been advised through a reliable source that this event has been cancelled. We have had poor communication from the organisers since the early announcement- lack of firm information- lack of response to our e-mails etc. We have received no information from the organisers for several weeks.

We did get a response (& apology) finally, following our complaint about poor communication regarding the cancellation.

It might have proved useful to make ourselves known amongst newcomers to the village but perhaps no event is better than a badly organised event!

Good day exhibiting at Globalrail 2016

Today we (Nick, Graham & myself) had a good day exhibiting Kanjiyama at Globalrail 2016 at Didcot

This was the first time the club had exhibited at a German Railway Society exhibition. It was well organised; there was a good interesting range of layouts, including Czech narrow gauge -TT on Z scale track & O gauge German & British; with excellent trade serving continental enthusiasts & a number of specialised continental socities. The venue was good. The layout behaved itself.

I am sure the organisers would have liked a few more visitors, but as a new show at a new venue it was promising

We hope to get invited again!

David & Ben visited the exhibition & did some shopping..

Nick & myself also helped to keep the traders happy  with some buying & Graham exercised commendable control in buying a few copies of S/H back issues of Continental Modeller magazine!

I met a fellow member of the Scandinavian Railways Society & the editor/owner of Scale Rail International, Chris Ford who recognised my name from his subscriber list!!

Enjoyable talk by Martin Beaumont on Sir John Hawkshaw

A local event at nearby Redford proved to be an interesting & well presented talk on the great but relatively forgotten civil engineer,  John Hawkshaw. Given by Martin Beaumont, who has authoured a biography recently published by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society, the talk was  interesting to both the layman & the railway enthusiast.

Around 50 people attended the talk in Redford Village Hall in West Sussex, which was organised by James Caulfeild who lives locally and is a direct descendant of the Hawkshaws and of the Wedgewoods of pottery fame.

The club recently donated a copy of the book to Hollycombe Primary School in Milland. This was established by the Hawkshaw’s in memory of three Hawkshaw children, Mary, Aida and Oliver, of which two died in childhood (Aida & Oliver).  Mary died as a result of complications following childbirth aged 25.

Frank Hornby the man who gave us our hobby

Today , the 15th May, was in 1863, in Liverpool, the birth day of Frank Hornby. He invented Meccano and founded the company who gave us Hornby Trains, Hornby Dublo & Dinky Toys.

Lets also not forget Meccano Magazine, and the clubs; the Meccano Guild, still in existence or part of the Model Engineering world and the Hornby Railway Company groups, which were the starting point for most of the oldest model railway clubs in the UK and the Commonwealth.

Membership drive bears fruit

Building on some overlap with the Liphook U3A Transport Interests group – 3 members of that group, Bill, Dennis & Barry have visited the club over the last month. Of these Bill hasn’t returned to either; Dennis has visited the club twice & is going to join and it looks like Barry will come back after his holidays.

I addition Edward, the son of a long time member, has joined as a Junior member, the first for many years.

All in all a fairly successful outcome- a 17% increase from 14 to 16.5 members!