Club Meeting 14th August

There was a full turnout at the club to work on Friedrichstrasse, the Southern Railway Cornish branch in 00-(still not named) plus erecting Nick’s late fathers German H0 branch line , returned to him after many years with the Wisley Club and its successors ,who meet monthly in Haslemere. With the absence of the carpet bowlers we had use of the hall for this session

This layout comprised 5 sections each 1220 long which had been picked up by Nick & the writer just the day previously. The layout, built heavily of chipboard, was in one “pack” of 3 sections and another of  2 sections. Two largish control boxes and 12 legs completed the kit. Some fun was had erecting the layout- last exhibited about 17 years ago. An attempt was made to run some stock on it, but it appeared the controller was defective in some way. Signals, uncouplers & layout model lighting worked.

It appeared that the 5th section was a later addition & Nick  passed this on to Matt as he could not get the full layout in his car. Our departure was delayed a little by difficulties in packing away the sections.

Nick will be drawing up a list of work to be done on the layout to ease the erection & packing away, to minimise scenery damage