Last Friday evening at the club

An early arrival for the “Southern layout team”, who wanted to get on with test running of the station area, to prove the last bit of electrics ¬†and then position the platform. Both were accomplished ( Grahams had his fill of electrics for the time being!). Andrew & Eric got on in double quick time to postion the edges of the platform using specially cut stripwood for the edges and support for the platform surface.

The platform faces will be stone style with card forming the surface.

Track colouring & ballasting will come next.

On F/Strasse the track problem in the fiddle yard, that caused some horrific derailments at Model Trains in Petersfield was tackled, involving some fettling of a point and adding weight to the a light leading bogie on the locomotive involved. Hopefully this will have completely resolved the problem, although David might still have scars to his stock and wallet!