Workday 17th May 2015

All in all a very successful day


We did a trial car packing exercise and were able to fit the layout sections including legs in two Berlingo type vehicles.

We will need a checklist of additional items to be taken with the layout. All the wiring items and controllers are now in one plastic box

There was a very successful trial of the automatic tram operation- thanks to Ben for his work on this.

For the first time trains traversed the whole layout, following Ben’s work on simplifying the fiddle yard wiring. Some fine stock from David entertained us.

There are some issues of track alignment at the joints between the FY sections and the main scenic sections- there is a solution which will be worked on at sessions before the 7th June


Southern layout.

Again good progress on the layout with trains traversing the whole layout, with only minor electrical “niggles”

An Italian express visiting Cornwall was a very special event you might miss in the railway press.

For the first time the layout can be packed face to face in two sections, despite each board being of different size.

The store cupboard now can contain both layouts!