Chris Ellis announces his retirement

In the latest issue of Model Trains International  (#117) the long time editor  of the magazine, which started out under the ownership of Airfix and with a number of different names, has survived for 35 years is     retiring, with effect from the next issue.
This is in itself is a sad announcement, but it also it appears that it will be the last issue of the magazine as well.
For those who don’t know the magazine it is a million miles from the glossy Railway Modeller and its high standards of presentation.
This is a magazine about how to enjoy the hobby without needing a small fortune or a mansion to accommodate your layout.
Its about values of the 1940’s- being ingenious in enjoying your hobby with scarce resources and time.
Always a good read, with plenty of novel ideas and often inspiring.
I and I hope many others, will morn  its passing and wish Chris Ellis a long and happy retirement.

Thank You.