Yamanouchi Oshika at Rotarail 2014

What is almost certain to be Y-O’s last public display, went off pretty well at Rotarail 2014. Minor electrical problems kept us on our toes, but the visitors – particularly one young boy,were captivated by the layout.

It could have been a sad occasion but it was an enjoyable  day at a well organised, friendly show.

For the writer it was good to have long chats with old colleagues from Fareham and South Hants clubs who were also exhibiting at the show.

The following picture- featured on the N Gauge Forum, was taken by Neal Mansell – whom we thank for permission to use on this site


Fareham 2014 Ben R, Bob Rn Tony B
Fareham 2014 with Yamanouchi Oshika final public appearance
Ben R, Bob R Tony B  (Graham A and Reg P out of shot) Picture by Neal Mansell

The crew comprised Ben, Bob, Graham , Reg and for the morning Matt-+yours truly. Thanks to them all for a long but enjoyable day.

Thanks to Nick for finding still and movies plus links and permissions

Also a short YouTube video  of the layout operating at Rotarail 2014

There are also other Y-O outings on this page

25th April meeting- new baseboard for Idylton Vale and last departure for Y-O

The baseboard was delivered by Eric and erected in committee room in front of virtually whole membership. Fits together well. There were concerns that the whole lot would not fit in one car, but my Citroen Berlingo swallowed up the whole lot. The work on the tramway layout can now start in earnest!

Yamanouchi Oshika was erected run up, taken down and packed up. Loaded into two cars and departed from the committee room for the last time.

The committee  room was packed to the gunnel’s with activity and with a near record attendance John B appeared to volunteer to make the tea/coffee and duly did so. Unfortunately he didn’t follow through with the washing up!! (Thanks to Andrew and Eric)