Good Friday meeting

Despite some absences, there was a good turnout of members (9)

Members were advised of the resignation of David C. It is hoped that we will be able to maintain contact and that his various modules will still be able to attend club open days

Ben  led a discussion on next stages of F/Strasse. Tramway track laying is high priority. Tony G to lead on this.

Discussion on how simple wiring could or shouldn’t be. Buildings also discussed. Some tasks were allocated or volunteered

John B was building his 500 x 500 module for October Open Day.

David P, Ben and Bob were showing off their German stock


Y-O out for final sort out- I have stock. Nick hopes to attend.

We will then load up two cars Bob’s and mine Don’t forget curtain and controllers

The crew at Rotarail on Saturday will be Ben, Bob, Reg, Graham and myself.

Layout will not return to club store at MVMH but to Ben’s