Chesilford- update December 2013

Re-think on terminus

After some more thoughts on the terminus, it was thought preferable to include this section within the general layout rather than excluding it as a separate entity.

To that end it will face into the operating area and will be linked scenically with the Docks station, albeit at a higher level. It will therefore not be a London terminus, but a further Chesilford station called Chesilford Central. The track layout will still be of the “Minories” type.

The original station will be called Chesilford West.  After these works there will be three stations called Chesilford- West, Central and Docks

The new proposed fiddle yard will represent the rest of the system and trains arriving from or departing to Waterloo, Bath Green Park, Bournemouth Central/West, Exeter etc. will go in that direction

Obviously when Dr Beeching arrives on the scene, he will indulge in considerable rationalisation; but we aren’t modelling that period!