Club activities in November 2013

These are notes originally issued to members after each meeting (edited for public view), both as a record of activities; an update for those members who couldn’t make it and planning what we want to do next time.

Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November


We had a very busy Friday evening- we had a previously booked 5-30pm start with Warehouse District point motors being wired up by Bob.

Nick got along early to work on Y-0, quickly followed by David P  to install a new point to replace one that failed in the fiddle yard and John B with some casts for model soldiers.

All in all we had 14 in the clubroom plus two layouts- perhaps we need to expand the committee room? Also consumption of biscuits was at an all-time high. We had update on Midhurst Modellers Show from Andrew- Matt has forwarded our details of requirements to Mike Boyce, 2-layouts plus two tables for club history display and modelling Ben and I reported on the finances of the Open Day- cash paid for catering, entry and second-hand to be electronically transferred into club account this weekend .We had a small surplus and the numbers attending were down again. Suggested for our 50th birthday we have an additional event, possibly in Petersfield.

There was discussion of a workday- a Saturday in November but there were no takers.

A date in January 2014  for the next workday could be Sunday 26th (Saturday 25th not available because of a Burn’s night supper booking) If that is OK I’ll book it The last meeting of 2013 will be Friday 20th December- there will be sherry and mince pies. The first meeting of 2014 will be January 3rd which is only two days prior to the Midhurst Show.

Y-O was loaded into Bob’s and my cars with Nick’s with seats, curtain, extension leads etc. Warehouse District was put in storage cupboard pro-tem


Early start at 6am from Milland and good time to High Wycombe by 7am, but I then spent 40 mins trying to find the only  well hidden MacDonald’s in the world- (where we were supposed to meet up), missed Mac breakfast (possibly no loss) and went onto venue (getting slightly lost again! ) Off-loading point was close to our position so little problem there. Then sent to public car park (got lost again) before finally reaching hall. Nice man asked if I wanted coffee-it all got better then!

Layout erected and set up. Picked up 4 bacon rolls for the team and it seemed to be a long haul to the 10am opening.

Bumped into ex JS colleague who is committee member on Wycrail-we were both unaware of each other’s railway modelling interests!

There was a large queue prior to opening and was busy from the off.

Throughout the day there was lots of interest in our layout and I would recommend the quality and range of the layouts at the show, so we were honoured to have Y-O invited.

The layout had quite a few niggling problems so we have to face up to partial relaying of the fiddle yard together with a blitz on the wiring.

We didn’t win the best layout in show but we had some praise for being friendly operators. The team had an enjoyable time and Nick’s colleague was a useful “find” when we are shorthanded.

Nick did a small bit of shopping as did Bob, who had a particularly pleasant surprise when his daughter, son-in-law and grandson turned up at lunch time to wish him a happy birthday. (we have no info on which)

I showed them where Bob was eating lunch in the exhibitors area (having got slightly lost on the way of course). His 4 year old grandson was appropriately dressed in a “Thomas the tank engine” shirt and shoes and had a great time looking at all the layouts and even drove “Thomas” on one of the layouts. Bob shared his birthday cake (crown bun brought by daughter) with the Y-O crew.

The show closed at 5pm and we were loaded and away in about 50 minutes. I arrived back in Milland at just before 7pm with most roads nearly blocked with parked cars; the bonfire/fireworks being the attraction.



Bob and I off loaded Y-O around 10-15am. One of the end cheeks was missing a complete bolt and wing nut and also untightened bolts on at least two of the other fixings Warehouse District and Bob’s tool boxes were removed from the store cupboard. We were away by 11am


Next Friday (8th November)

Friedrichstrasse- discussion on transport end cheek sizes for fiddle yard.

Decision on size and request quote. Also for front sections AGM-Agreement on date Y-O Discussion and agreement on life extension work extent and cost


Friday 8th November

A little thin on the ground with Nick, David P, John B and Matt absent.

No show from two possible new members.


The scenic front was erected, for some discussions and tweeking of the clearances between tram track positions and abutment walls. There was also a more detailed discussion on the river depth to give a bit more clearance beneath the tram bridge- an extra 15mm was agreed and Eric has taken the board away for modification.

Bob did some more work on the points control units for the fiddle yard and this is virtually complete.

Other Items

Ben updated those present on the changes to the hall trustees, new chairman etc. and possible changes to pricing structure i.e. including committee room  with hall for hall lettings.

(NB we shall need to watch this doesn’t affect us, when those other than the carpet bowlers book  the hall on some Friday evenings i.e. Horticultural Society before their shows and Conservative Party AGM. We don’t want to lose two or three meeting opportunities.) Fees seem OK for the coming year. Wireless connection delayed to early December

Next Workday

Next  scheduled workday Sunday 26th January 2014 10.00 until 3.00 pm

Extended Friday Hours

None are scheduled but may be arranged at short notice as preparatory time for Midhurst Show in early Jan 2014. Please let me know so I can book.

In preparation for Friday

I will prepare sketch of scenic packed sections so that work on end panels can proceed shortly

Friday evening (15th November)


David P- if you are able to make it, we need to prepare list of track items we need to purchase for Friedrichstrasse to lay the tram  track under the several bridges. This needs to include road surface panels. I will need to print off various pages from track internet site, including costs (we will need to add 20% vat entry(duty) costs plus postage and £8 Royal Mail entry duty handling fee.)

Also I will bring along copy of pictures Nick has found on the internet of German urban area bridges for nailing down decision on style we are to use.


If there are any members who believe they are owed money by the club for materials bought for club projects, please make sure you let me have a claim, with back up paperwork ASAP.  I have a fairly limited time to prepare the accounts, allowing time for circulation to club members BEFORE the AGM.  All please note we still haven’t agreed a date for that meeting, bearing in mind that if there is any change in subs(up or down) we have little time to change standing orders before the “new year” payments start in February 2014.

Please also note that November is the last month for the “10 payment per year” subs to be paid in the current year, so make sure your standing order reflects this. Thank You

Friday 15th November

A dark cold evening with a reasonable turnout of 12, although it was a bit sparse at 7-30!

The committee room door handle was found  broken off, so entry initially was via the hall.

Graham A. made a welcome return- he has retired even earlier than he originally  intended and hopefully we will be seeing him more often than in the recent past. He has been able to play with his own layout  after a long gap.

Eric  K- with cold, David C family problems and  Martin all absent.

John B still losing sleep, made it, plus Reg. the potential new member from Fareham, brought his N gauge layout, which is a module built to the requirements of the Butser Hill N gauge group.

Nick brought along a new loco- I think in HO which has a chip to be fitted. His Kanjiyama  N gauge layout has another invite in 2014 this time to a Wokingham N gauge show.


The front section was erected and there were discussions re the tram track components- the good news on this is that Andy Reichert  (owner of Electric Avenue track system)is setting up a European distribution based in the UK, so ordering times should be cut. The site isn’t fully up and running yet but I hope to get a bulk pack fairly shortly on which we can trial track laying for the trams.

We also had a discussion on the “pack sizes”  for the scenic sections.

My original thoughts were to be able to get 2 packs totalling 4 sections into the back of the Berlingo. This would mean that each pack could only be  only about 500 deep, which means a depth of 250 for each board, allowing a little more than the viaduct height plus catenary between each board.

It looks like we should plan for one scenic “pack” of two boards plus a pack of 2 fiddle yard boards  in the Berlingo. Another car to have a similar load and third car for the S Bahn fiddle yards

The second car would need to have a dimension of at least 1100 between wheel arches with a clear height in excess of 900.

Under this proposal each scenic “pack” would be 1220 x 900 x 800; each “FY pack” 1220 x 700 x 150 and the single  S-Bahn  FY pack of similar size.

There is another possibility of mixing FY and scenic boards in the one pack although there are differences in the board widths which would have to be taken into account in the design. This would allow a greater height for the scenic section without increasing the overall pack size. There may also be weight advantages.

A sketch along these lines should be in circulation in a couple of days.

Next meeting (22nd November)

F/Strasse -Go ahead to construct pack ends- following final discussion. Label up sections and legs so that they can easily be read- I will bring marker pen

Take dimensions of first box sections of viaduct to be constructed in coming week.

Other items in no particular order of importance

Agree date for AGM- now urgent (committee meeting also overdue)

First arrivals may have to enter via main hall as unlikely that committee room door will have new handle by then. We shall need to take main hall key back for carpet bowlers as they pack away a little before 10pm

Friday 22nd November

In the absence of Tony at this session, Ben has asked m (Matt) to write a ‘blog post’

Members present were Ben, Bob, John, Martin, Andrew, Graham, Chris and Myself, and joining us again was Reg.

By the time I had arrived, Freidrichstrasse had been erected (front boards only), and discussions were underway about making the tramway bridge a nice long hump-backed affair.

Some discussions took place over the requirement to make the tram section to be as robust as possible, particularly across board joints, if it is to stand up to the rigors of putting up, exhibiting and dismantling frequently. I believe Tony B has ordered the remainder of the required track from the manufacturer, so we will be able to crack on with this aspect of the layout soon.

Further discussions took place about the raised section , making sure that boards will fit within end boards for storage/transport. High density foam was mooted as an idea for making these sections due to its light weight and ‘carve-ability’. Ben is in the [process of procuring some and we should see it this coming session. the foam will be faced at the ends with thin ply in order to protect these parts during transport/ mating process.

Ben offered the possibility of taking the boards to his this coming Friday, in order to host some ‘workshop sessions’ at his house, where we could make quicker progress as we would have swanky tools like a bandsaw to hand! I think that this was met with a resounding ‘YES’ so we thank Ben for this great offer. Ben will confirm times and dates this forthcoming meet.

Midhurst is going to be on Jan 5th. It will be the last one in the old Grange centre and it will be the start of our 50th anniversary. We will have on show the Warehouse District HO USA DCC layout, the Wipers, Fish-Hook and Menin Railway Sn2 layout and a club display/ modelling stand. It would be great if as many of us as possible can attend, but we will need to car share as I believe parking is tight. Andrew has kindly offered to bring his display case in order to showcase the range of superb kit built locos he and Eric have. If anyone else would like to do a session on a partcular aspect of modelling on that day, then please let me know.

As we move into the new year, I will be looking to organise a trip to ‘do’ Pendon and Didcot in a day. I have a couple of people who have signed up, but it would be great if we could go en masse.


Friday 29th November

Friday night saw a welcome return of Mr Pike, who joined myself (Matt) Ben, Bob, Tony G, Martin, Andrew, John and Graham.

Ben brought along some samples of the yelofoam, a 75mm and 25mm piece (they no longer do 100mm). The plan is to top these pieces with 6mm ply in order to meet the railbed height of the fiddleyard sections.

Further discussion took place over the tram lines and it has been agreed to use Tony G’s method of using copperclad, code 60 rail and nickel silver strip to emulate the edge of the U channel. John is going to draw some 8″ radius templates and I am going to obtain the rail and copperclad strip.

Ben has taken the front sections and legs home with him and we are meeting with him on Wednesday, either in the day and or evening. Ben could you confirm the times please and if possible, what people should bring? For those of you staying the duration, I will be passing the Chippy in Petersfield to bring provisions for the working party. Advance orders can be taken or I will give Ben a call on the night to finally confirm.