Club activities in September 2013

These are notes issued to members after each meeting, (edited for public view),- both as a record of progress; an update for those members who couldn’t make it and planning what we want to do next time

6th September

Prior to the meeting we had another two hour slot in which Warehouse District and Matt’s WW1 epic were worked on.

After one last trial, Warehouse’s servo’s were removed by Bob pending an improved design or replacement with more conventional  prime movers.

Matt carried on with scenics – very credible frozen shell hole ponds were created with a few brush strokes of paint.

The meeting itself

Another good turnout including our Chairman… (11)

David C was absent due to recurrence of his gout.( More water David!)

Nick was preparing for (not another) holiday the following day to Greece.


More track laying on the fiddle yard- there was talk of electrics- also start of curves onto side boards Many involved

Eric reported baseboards and legs for front section will be delivered next meeting.

Design for end panels for transport and storage  wanted next week

Other Items

Cheques signed for Workday hall hire – 6th October  and insertion of Open Day flyer into Milland News

Due to lack of committed interest – Building a Model Railway Course 2013 cancelled.  ( 8 to 10 interested, only 3 sent cheques!)

Article on 50 years of model railways in Liphook Community News recently published-will bring along copy next week

Eric had completed nice SR loco in Maunsell pre-war Black. I think it was an S-15 but may be wrong…

I brought along an H0  Rivarossi model of a WD freight van for use in  supplying BAOR in Germany via cross channel train ferries- has “chalk markings” for Longmoor  on it plus Marchwood ( Military port on Southampton Water)

There was talk of attendance at N gauge national exhibition Leamington and similar 0 gauge event –Telford-  by members at weekend. Reports later

Room nicely hovered by Ben with his workshop vacuum -Thanks

Next week

Nick and Bob will be away (not together, I hasten to add!)

There is one last 2 hour pre-meeting session that I’ve booked (the last of the present series) If any want to join me in the committee room, to work on your own project please do so. 5-30 to 7-30pm

Posters and flyers  for Open Day available for inspection and to take away to distribute in your local area please (subject to delivery of new printer)

New baseboards for Friedrichstrasse and continuing work on track and electrics, Discuss design of end panels for  transport and storage

Reminders regarding forthcoming events

Portable appliance testing  27th September 7-30pm to completion- see e-mail issued last week

Workday Sunday 10th October 10,00hrs to 1500 hrs. (10.00am to 3.00pm) 5hrs

13th September

Slightly low turnout with only 7 members present. Nick in Greece, David P taking daughter to Plymouth, David C with continuing foot problems (e-mail to advise not seen until Sunday), Bob away.


Eric and Andrew delivered front sections of baseboard and legs. We put these up and all fine. Eric has taken away two legs that join new sections to fiddle yard for additional or wider cross piece to enable easy bolting together.

Small amount of work done on fiddle yard

Other items

Carpet Bowlers were having “beetle drive” and kindly offered us some nice cakes. Couldn’t save any again!

Had a discussion with Lorraine (Secretary to Trustees) re external lighting.

For first time put on exterior light to kitchen door- this is not automatic so we need to switch off when we leave. This actually  controls two lights and gives reasonable cover of bollard area.

Showed samples of this year’s poster and flyer for  our Open Day

Martin took these for Farnborough (Woking) show this weekend to put up on his stand.

Vacuum cleaner back with new bags


I went to German Railway Society’s show at Sutton Coldfield (Birmingham) – this is traditionally the show at which all the foreign societies have stands and there is a wide range of layouts.

This year was very disappointing with a poor range of layouts. There was a partially completed German 0 gauge layout with lots of nice Lenz stock. Had a long chat with one operator, but this was cut short by an overbearing type who was having trouble with his shunting….

I left earlier than intended and had a bit of a wander round New Street, which is not only being rebuilt itself, but the metro (tram system) is being extended to it.

This is fast becoming a transport hub as good as those that the Swiss and other continentals are so good at arranging.

As my route was through Reading took an opportunity to look around also.

They have constructed a fine concourse at high level 90 degrees to the running lines with lifts and escalators to each platform. This again is as good as anything mainland Europe offers.

Very little of the existing station remains. The Southern lines now have three platforms and although they have modern canopies it still feels like an annexe – GWR and SR history continued I feel.

Lots of work going on and it looked like they were just about to start a Sunday shut down. Made me thought about having a model of a station in the middle of a big upgrade- can’t recall this having been done before?

Next week (20th September)

If you can’t be at portable appliance testing session on 27th  September  please bring your items on the 20th –labelled with your name for this session and give them to me.


Work on fiddle yard/ side boards

Layout out track formation onto front boards-transfer from scale drawing to full size. Discussion required after this on construction of viaduct and bridges

Cheque for latest baseboard work to Eric

Show everybody switch for exterior lighting to kitchen door and bollards

Confirm who and what layouts being worked on at Workday

Distribute posters and flyers for OPEN DAY to members

Don’t forget items

Portable appliance testing 27th September

Work-day 6th October 10-00hrs. to 15.00 hrs.

Open Day 27th October

 20th September

Fairly good turnout but Matt and David C sent sick notes. Tony G had previously advised he would not be there. Nick returned from Greece-but not bronzed?-10 present

We had and early visitor from Liphook who had spoken to Ben and had some modelling items to donate. Not too much, but a useful quantity of track and points to go into stock.

Some plastic assembled kits and a Hornby Dublo level crossing will be useful items for the second-hand table at the Open Day. Also some card kits which were in generally poor condition and were recycled. Items are currently in our store


Eric delivered the modified legs so time was taken to drill alignment holes at the baseboard joints. Later after the bowlers had gone we were able to use the hall to erect it in full and it went together well. (Cheque passed to Eric)

The track on the fiddle yard is as  complete as we want at this stage.

Other Items

Martin brought along some pears from his extensive orchards- Thank You

John brought along an 00 MK1 coach which was being offered for £4 with the first of a part work, building a model railway. He had brought several of these because they were well detailed and a snip at the price!

I advised that a Canadian modeller had shown interest in our Building a Model Railway Course as he wanted to run such a course in conjunction with  Canterbury Elder College in Windsor,  Ontario which specialises in courses for the retired and semi-retired. He will be paying us about $CAD 50 for the privilege- we will get credited with the content as well.

We have a volunteer for treasurer when I step down in January 2014- others can put their name down if they want members to have a vote. The term of office is a maximum of 3 years so the new treasurer will stand down in Jan 2017

There was discussion re the open day and the preceding work day. Thank you to Ben and David P’s wives for volunteering for the “Refreshment Room” at the open day- bacon rolls for members was the choice over sausage in a bun. Andy B  and Jan will share duties on the door and on the S/H items table

Nick will be working on Y-O at the workday (6th Oct)  and Y-O will be at the Open Day. For full list see web page

We have six newcoffee/tea mugs and  3 have been retired.

Next week 27th September

Portable Appliance Testing will be on through the whole session. Richard owner of Lightscapes will be in attendance- don’t forget to bring your electrical tools, mains layout items and extension leads and four way adapters for testing. Please contact me if you know you can’t make it and haven’t already left your items labelled in the store room

I have the room booked for two hours prior to normal start for the final point actuator test on Warehouse District.

If anybody wants to join Bob and myself to work on their particular project –you’d be very welcome. Any such projects must be clear of the room by 7-30pm as space will be limited during the actual meeting due the PAT work. It its hoped some limited work can proceed on F/Strasse and on the engine production line never the less!.

27th September

Two hour session before main meeting

Warehouse District- trial of servo operated points abandoned due to lack of reliability. Peco point motors will be substituted- probably fitted at workday

Matt joined us for mass painting of WW1 soldier figures

Main Meeting

Richard from Lightscapes joined us for mammoth portable appliance testing session which went on from 7-30 until  10-45 ‘ish.

Martin, Nick and David P apologies for absence. David C returned after sickness Tony G  present, with arm in sling after op and is not able to drive John B  was at probably last attendance for a bit due to imminent birth of first child. Best wishes to all.

Attendance 9


Space in room was tight due to PAT, but small amount of electrical work was carried out.

Whilst packing away to leave, Bob left his keys in his car and couldn’t get them out due to automatic door locking. Only one set of keys. Taken back home, leaving car in car park  overnight( Black Fox deprived of takings!)

Bob was back on Sat morning with mechanic for an expensive 40 minute re-entry to his car.

4th October

There is no session before main meeting

Nick has already indicated he won’t be present


Transfer track layout from drawing to actual baseboards.

Sunday 6th October- Workday- please note revised arrangements

We received notice of a charity car washing event in the hall car park and  they have advised their arrangements.

If we arrive and off load by 10-00 we should be clear. I will get hall keys to allow off-loading via front doors  from 09-30. After off-loading please park your cars on the right hand side (the same side as the shop) but please keep front of shop clear- we may have to double park.  The car washers will be using the left hand side of the car park.

The event is in aid of playground equipment for the local school and will involve children and mum’s cleaning cars for £5. There will also be cakes on sale, which I’ve said we might partake! They will be finished by 12 noon. They may require access to the kitchen for water and to the toilets.