Progress report on Chesilford- End September 2013

To be read in conjunction with- “Alteration work starts on Chesilford”

The layout sections that are erected i.e. the cutting area , the two corner units and two  dock sections were carefully moved as one piece into their near final location. A small gap was left at the rear of the cutting boards, to enable an electrical socket outlet to be moved up, so that it clears the proposed new backscene. Once the electrical work and the new backscene have been completed the layout will be moved back to the wall into its final postion.

The next pieces of work are to complete the painting of the ceiling of the railway room and to shorten the station baseboard by approx 250 mm. A drawing to be prepared for the new arrangement of the dock boards and the Memorial station (ex Weyford fiddle yard) being supported on one set of legs at the same level. (Previously the fiddle yard was higher than the dock by approx 50mm), followed by a price and  order for new legs for members Eric and Andrew to make.