Club Activities in August 2013

These are notes issued to members after each meeting, (edited for public view),- both as a record of progress; an update for those members who couldn’t make it and planning what we want to do next time

2nd August

The first thing to report is that we had all the lighting working in the committee room. (Thanks to John C a Hall trustee for ensuring that this item was fixed when the electrical contractors were on site for other items. The starter and light source were changed on the non-working fitting)

Work continued on the H0 layout with more fiddle yard track work laid.

Detailed discussions on  layout over further iterations of layout drawing  and search through kit catalogues for suitable bridges and overall station canopies.

Chris returned from Venice

Loco work continued on the Kings table.

Tomorrow night (9th)

Nick will be absent (up North?) and Ben will not be at the club for the next 4 weeks-combination of family wedding and holidays. Chris will be away.

I hope to issue details to Eric of main baseboard sections for price and subsequent order.

Fiddle yard track laying continues, can’t be far off completion?

I hope to bring along an overall canopy kit I have lurking in a cupboard somewhere.

I shall be locking up promptly at 10-30 as I have to be at Grahams at some unearthly 5-10am on Saturday morning for a train trip to Great Eastern territory, from Basingstoke.

Midhurst Show 2014

News of a sort regarding next year’s Midhurst show following note to Mike Boyce and to Chichester District Council.

Reply from Mike confirms existing Grange will close in November 2013. There is a provisional date for the Modellers Show in the new building of 16th February, with reduced space available, but the railway items will be in the largest space!

There is no reply from Chichester DC to date and I’ll be amazed if I ever get one.  Still think we need Plan B.

9th August

Small turnout of members (7)

More work on the Fiddle yard, now about two-thirds complete.

Discussed with Eric layout/construction of the main boards and arrangement of  the river. Price to follow, plus detailed dimensions from me of river position.

Eric and Andrew worked on with their loco fleet and tragedy was averted when I found a smoke-box handle casting, which had flown out of Eric’s hand. (several members doing a finger-tip search of the floor was a sight to be seen) Luckily this wasn’t the point at which Mary T visited (the hall was being set up for an horticultural event) to have one of her label holders fixed.

News received after the meeting that David C had a swollen foot- hope all now recovered.


Had a good day on Saturday with Graham, 19 hours touring the unknown sidings of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk in First Class seats, behind two class 37’s and one class 60, including a complete run-through of Felixstowe Docks- where it seems the world’s supply of containers is stored.

Graham has advised that he will be retiring early next year.  Hopefully  we may see him at our meetings thereafter. He will try and get along to our Open Day in October this year- work schedules permitting. Work on his layout is progressing, but slowly- have asked for some pictures.


Track-laying work on fiddle yard should be completed and perhaps some wiring commenced?

More discussions on front of house design; handover of dimensions for river location; possible placing of order for remainder of baseboards.


The current testing/certification of portable electrical items used on your or club items at exhibitions, club events or meetings expires in September.

Richard Atkinson, owner of Lightscapes Ltd,   is available to attend our Friday evening sessions on one of the following dates 6th,13th,20th and 27th    September.

Please let me know on Friday of any dates NOT suitable and I will make the arrangements.

Remember this testing is part of your membership entitlement, so please bring along any portable mains electrical item that you may use at the club or at exhibitions Examples: Extension leads, multiway adaptors, transformers, mains electrical tools, soldering iron stations, portable lights etc., etc.

By the way all the halls portable items have now been tested, following our pressure at the Hall Trustees meeting


16th August

Unfortunately another low turnout- (7).

David P missed track laying due to gridlock around Weybridge following accident on M25. David C was back with “recovered” foot. Matt made short visit due to war gaming event on following day. (Start of ww3?)

The trencher-men amongst the absent, missed helpings of “Blue Peter” cake baked by Jan to celebrate my **th. birthday. Sorry chaps we couldn’t leave any!

Friedrichstrasse (Please note new correct spelling)

Progress still made by Bob, now only 3 half fiddle yard sidings to lay.

Go- ahead given to Eric to procure materials for front boards

Anybody who knows the Bourne series of films should know that the prototype station is the scene of an exciting chase on foot in the second of the series- The Bourne Supremacy which was on ITV 2 last Saturday. A later in the series film has a chase, shooting of a Guardian reporter etc. at Waterloo!

 Tony G goes modern image?

Tony will soon be connected to the internet and e-mail systems following a present of a tablet (an electronic one !)

Portable Appliance Testing

I have asked Richard the electrician to let us know his preferred Friday in September and I will advise accordingly. If you can’t be present on the chosen day please let me have the items beforehand and I will ensure they are tested.

Other News

Skytrex– suppliers of 0 and 00 resin building kits and 0 gauge rolling stock went into administration at the end of July. Apparently there will be a sale of all outstanding stock via their internet site.

Non official reports suggest company £2m in debt.

The Arun Valley line is 150 years old and to celebrate there was a display at Arundel station last Saturday (apologies for missing it off last week’s report) and on Saturday 31st at Littlehampton station

The attachment is a picture of damage caused to railway tracks in NZ as a result of the Christchurch earthquake and is not the track work on a club layout!

Next Week (23rd August)

Finish off track laying in fiddle yard and commence wiring

23rd August


Return of several recent absentees Chris, John B, Nick and David P from holiday, work in Wales, holiday in the North and M25 woes respectively, made numbers up to 11.


Really buzzing with track laying of fiddle yard sidings mainly complete. Nick brought along coaches for clearance checks and took photos of activity

Showing off

Yours truly brought along large red loco which David P was allowed to “touch”

David C brought along pictures of his new N gauge layout with coal mine

Tony G brought along photo for archives showing him and son in early 1980’s around club layout exhibited at Liphook Infant school.

Other Items

Nick has contacted David G and he is fine, just very busy at work and thus not able to do anything else other than sleep.

The Andrew and Eric table was active with more Eastleigh products.

Still no date from Richard re PA testing- I will chase up

During coming week

Detailed sketches of river to Eric for Friedrichstrasse ( yours truly late again)

Next Friday

The committee room will be open from 17-30 (5-30pm) for 2 hours prior to meeting. I have booked for work by Bob and I on Warehouse District. Matt hopes to bring his layout along to work on as well

Friedrichstrasse installation of curves on side cheeks.

Nick will bring along his items for testing so as they are available when he is off on hols-(again)


30th August

I had booked the committee room for two hours starting from 5-30 for work to be carried out on Warehouse District by Bob and myself.

Matt joined us working on his as yet unnamed Sn2 First World War  military layout.   This is about 2100 long x 600 wide- circular track with rear fiddle yard. Scenic area  is the full length x half the width.

At first look it looked like  the buildings on it had been put under the grill for too long, but this is just how shellfire on a village + continual battles across it looks like after 3 years or so. Some further painting and scatter work was completed.

Although Bob worked through and got every point on Warehouse operating, there is still a reliability issue with the servo system. It looks very realistic in operation and is positively holding the point blade, but so far it has been unable to achieve reliable operation for an extended period.

Work on these two layouts continued on into the meeting with  John B joining at 7-30 and operated his American HO layout with a huge steam  engine amongst others. He had some problems with his Bachmann Dynamis   being more miss than anything- possibly down to getting warm in his car. Some record though-3 layouts being worked on in one evening session, plus Martin doing some work on figures for the Woking show and Eric and Andrew continuing on their loco  kit building activities.

Nick brought along his items for portable appliance testing and they are left in the club storeroom. (He will not be about for the next 3 Fridays as he is on hols in Greece from 7th for 2 weeks.)He also brought  along some card kits from ABM Railcraft  (   of LBSCR buildings which he is trying out as a prelude to the Petworth Town layout. These kits are also available in 4mm and may prove useful in connection with a “what if” modern image layout of Midhurst in 00, which Nick has had chats with me about. The “what if” is the Midhurst to Pulborough section had been retained and reduced to a basic railway with single line, with unstaffed stations, buildings sold off for other purposes, small car parks etc. We could cover BR (S), NSE and then the privatised railway with appropriate stock from Thumpers through to (?) and the different signage and lighting.


I finally gave Eric the position of the river on a scale sketch. He hopes to be able to do some work in the coming week on the front baseboards.

No track laying on the fiddle yard this week.

Other items

David P sent a message that he was unable to get away from work.

Tony G, Chris and David C (swelling foot recovering- thought to be gout) completed an attendance of 11

I still haven’t got a date from Richard for the portable appliance testing, but have sent him a chase up- I will let all know as soon as I have a date.

There was a programme about the return of the A4.s from US and Canada to UK on Channel 5 earlier in the week- sorry I didn’t give warning of it

The hall seems to have lost, hidden or had condemned the vacuum cleaner. We have on record a superb picture of Matt brushing the carpet with a small brush and using a small dustpan to capture spilt scatter material.(We will raise the issue of hall providing small cleaner for hirers use, at the next Trustees meeting)

Next week(6th  September)

There is another pre- meeting session next Friday on Warehouse District and Matt might be able to join us again to work on his layout

I think there should be a return to work on Friedrichstrasse and completing the fiddle yard track work in the club meeting and going on to lay the curves