Club activities in July 2013

These are notes issued to members after each meeting, (edited for public view),- both as a record of progress; an update for those members who couldn’t make it and planning what we want to do next time

5th July

Last Night

  • The fiddle yard was erected and position of track and points, together with location of point motor holes were marked out. The copper strip was stuck down at the ends of each baseboard section. (Bob and John)

John and Nick brought along max. length German H0 carriages to  check clearances  , particularly on curves exiting fiddle yard .

  • Nick also showed details of RS3 NYC switching loco in H0 he has ordered, together with French H0 freight loco he has obtained.
  • Ben installed the restrainers to hold the room tables in position against the wall.
  • We had a discussion about the invite Matt has received from the Fareham Rotary for Y-O at their Rotarail Show at Fareham College on 26th April 2014. General opinion was yes, although too early to firm up on team. If Matt  could complete and return paperwork then we have first firm booking for 2014. Nick asked if there could be a follow up re getting an invite to the  Basingstoke show 2014.
  • There is another invite pending, this time for Nick’s Japanese N branch line Kanjiyama in May 2014- Nick cannot attend, but is willing to let club exhibit layout in his absence. Please contact Nick ASAP if you are interested.
  • The workday prior to our 2013 Open Day (27th October) was provisionally agreed as Sunday 6th October. I will book the main hall from 10-am until 3 pm and confirm.
  • There was some discussion about number of layouts at Open Day and  members being overstretched. In the past it has been indicated that not all layouts will be operating all of the time. It is also made clear that this event is not an exhibition . I need to go firm with advertising very soon with  railway mags and early August for local so we haven’t long to make final decision on line up
  • I have asked Richard our electrician for a Friday evening  in September when he can carry out Portable Appliance Testing and when advised I will circulate date.
  • Andrew  has had indication (rumour?) that Hornby will launch new model in 2014 – a Southern 4 COR as used originally on Portsmouth electric services from July 1937 and later on Alton line and Coastway


New member

We have invited Chris W to become a member and he has accepted. Chris has been coming to the club for a month or so and has fitted in well.


Next week we will be stocktaking the cupboard and probably disposing of any unwanted items.  Please make a donation to the club if you want any of these items.

After stock-take, work can carry on fiddle yard.

Fredrichstrasse:We will also be finalising design of the end cheeks for carrying the fiddle yard and two side boards for construction by Andrew and Eric. This will also mean that we can store these sections to minimise damage.


Club cupboard. Keys are now held by Ben and myself and I have one to give to Matt.  A couple more could be made available to members.

As these cost between £4-50 and £6 each to have cut, we have decided to minimise the issue of them to committee members plus a small number of members who come regularly and are amongst the first to arrive.  Under this latter category Bob has been issued with one and two more could be made available- please let me know if any others feel they are part of the “early regulars”

The keys remain the property of the club and must be handed back when retiring from the committee or when leaving the club.

The hall trustees hold one copy of the key


Work sessions in the committee room

We are not arranging any of these sessions in the near future for the club.

I shall be arranging to have some sessions, at my expense, to work on the layouts I have on the go currently, in the run up to the Open Day.

They will usually comprise two hours before the Friday meeting or could be on another day. I’ll publish the dates when I’ve made the bookings and if others have a project they can’t handle at home, they are welcome to share the space.


New railway programme on TV

Channel Five are listing a new 4 part series on the busiest places in the world starting next Friday (12th) a 8pm. The first programme is about Shinjuku  railway station in Tokyo. This is probably the only programme in the series about railways.


12th July

Most of the evening spent clearing non-essential items (rubbish) from the cupboard and transferring that to be kept into new crates.

Further crates are to be bought and real assets- to be crated – lights, controllers, set track etc..  Work on asset register to commence in couple of weeks time.

Existing crates returned to original owners(I have taken mine)- Nick to collect his next time at club.

The control panel for the 0 gauge layout was passed to Martin to be kept with the layout.

There was discussion on having a set of basic tools to be kept in the cupboard.



Information was obtained at the preceding trustees meeting, that the existing Midhurst Grange facility will close in November2013 and the new facility will not open until April 2014.

We need to use all contacts we have to gain confirmation of this; in any event we need a plan B to fill the potential  hole created in our 50th birthday year exhibition calendar.

Victory Club exhibition in  Admiral Lord Nelson School in Portsmouth in 2014 invite received- following information from Martin on last year’s exhibition- it was agreed to decline invite.

Nick has paperwork for Y-O at  Rotarail event in Fareham in April; he can’t attend but is willing to loan stock. Can he confirm details have been returned to Fareham Rotary?

Ben has confirmed he will bring Ehrwald  to the Open Day.

Workday confirmed as 6th October 10am until 3pm in the main hall. Cost will be £50



Chris W was formally welcomed as a member of the club

We had a visit from Michael from Midhurst who Nick had invited, but unfortunately wasn’t there to meet him.. Michael is an EM modeller of many years standing and organised the Midhurst Modellers Show at the beginning before Richard Loversidge. He models early railways- around 1850-60 and scratch or kit builds everything. Andrew knew him from the early Midhurst days.


Other Items

We now have our own key to the committee room. Currently I will hold it purely as I am closest to the venue. In the event of holidays or other planned absences I will ensure it is available to a.n.other prior to.

In the event of unplanned absences please revert to collecting (and returning) the key to key safe as previous instructions.


Next week

Track laying on fiddle yard boards. David P has “volunteered” to lead platelayers gang.  Review weight of fiddle yard in packed  condition and confirm details  of end panels to Eric and Andrew.

Layout of front section to be discussed so that construction by Eric and Andrew can commence thereafter.

We will run through bridge kits available for use on layout and suitable stock.

19th July


Fredrichstrasse: A bit of progress on track laying, with holes cut for point motors, but not much else, other than a long debate on numbering legs and baseboards!

I didn’t bring along the detailed design drawings- (again!) Discussion on suitable stock.

Stocktaking: Matt was able to make it and was in the cupboard transferring items into further new crates that Ben delivered. Also more items consigned to the bin. We also now have quite a few items for the club second hand items table for our Open Day. I took back a couple of my crates that had been released by the clear up. There is a couple more of Nick’s crates empty awaiting removal. (Nick was prevented from coming by car trouble) Transformer from 0 gauge layout passed to Martin- he now has all items . (Discussion needed on what is to happen to that layout long term)

I was handed folder apparently containing details of a Weyford type turntable mechanism- turned out to be details of a kit obtained by Martin, but not the one used on the layout

David C was expected but didn’t show.

Thanks to Andrew for sugar supplies.


Cheque to Ben for second lot of crates. Chris cheque for subs. received.

Latest club account statement received £      . I shall be issuing a half year statement in the next couple of weeks. Reminder that I shall be stepping down as Hon Treasurer at the end of January 2014 and it would be useful if any volunteer(s) for the post, made themselves known ASAP

Next Week

Fredrichstrasse- more track laying in fiddle yard. Hopefully discussion around design drawings.

Chris will be absent . Nick hopes to be with us.


The carpet bowls club have a break in August

Layout invite: Y-O has been invited to Rotarail 2014 at Fareham College on Saturday 26th April 2014 which has been accepted. This is a charity show organised by local Rotary. This is every 2 years and this will be the second show. Nick is unavailable but will loan stock. We need two cars for transport (I can do one of these) plus a total of 4 operators . We have allowed for a total of 3 cars.

Open Day: Information has gone to RM, BRM, HM and MR

Building a model railway course: We now have 7 people who have expressed an interest and it looks likely that the course will run commencing in Mid-September for 8 weeks. The course will probably held late afternoon (17.00 to 19.00 on Wednesdays or Fridays). If any further members (I already have one volunteer) would be interested in assisting, particularly with regard to DCC please let me know.

26th July

Record turnout of 12-

Thanks for coming


Work progressed with laying of track on fiddle yard- David P showing his patience and skill. John B marked out track radius centres for onward route to main layout. Tony G laid timber strips for copper clad on baseboard joints to side cheeks.

Showing off

Ben showed some recent  bargain purchases of German HO stock ; Nick brought along some carriages to aid track clearances; John B showed some 4 and 6 wheel German carriages with appropriate steam locos; to amazement of some I bought along a German 2-6-0 tank loco marked for SNCF Alsace Lorraine region.

Nick brought along a NYC 1950’s switching loco. Matt had major bargain of H0n3 steam loco which means a n o t h e r layout- this time triangular for a contest at the Narrow Gauge Show on 26th October

David P proudly showed his grandson’s picture

Crates returned

Nick collected his empty crates.

Turntable paperwork

Turns out this is Martin’s- so he has it now


Looks smart and tidy with stores neatly in new crates- Thanks to Matt and Ben

Thoughts of another layout

Early discussions between Nick and myself on possible NYC high level freight line as another “front” to the club fiddle yard. More on this later hopefully.

Milland’s Eastleigh?

Eric and Andrew continued busying themselves with even more Southern loco building, which must be exceeding Eastleigh’s production rate by now.

Possible new ideas for consideration (both from Matt)

APA storage boxes about 700 x 3600 X   290 high with lid   from Ikea at £11 might be suitable for dioramas

New style wooden or aluminium folding paste tables/ trader tables of much superior construction than traditional types, with “W” style legs from about £30 might be suitable for layout support up to 3000 long

New card building kits of interest to L&BSCR and Southern modellers in 4mm and 2 mm

ABM Railcraft have a range of card kits for signal boxes, station canopies and station buildings in various scales. May be of interest for Petworth Town

Next week

Track laying continues- bring tools

Bring continental building kits catalogues or kits themselves for discussion on progressing kit building- also bridge kit details

The writer better bring the design drawing for the station and street layout or he will be for the high jump- for discussion and placing of order for front section baseboards


Tools, work
Tools, work! Fredrichstrasse underway