L&DMRC at Parish Fete

For the first time the club was invited to the parish fete on Saturday 22nd June 2013 from 2pm to 4-30pm at the Milland Valley Memorial Hall.

We had set up Yamanouchi Oshika in the hall on the previous (Friday) evening at the end of the club meeting just after the carpet bowlers had packed up. Nick kindly brought along a selection of stock that we could use on the layout-even though he wasn’t able to get to the event.

The team Ben, JohnB, Bob, TonyG and the writer got there around 1pm to put stock out and  place the road vehicles onto the layout.

The layout was located close to the cake stall. We were treated to cake and coffee by Mary Turton and we have photographic evidence of her driving the trains (picture to follow) rather competently!

We had a 25p a go to drive the train which was midly sucessful with John B being overwhelmed by the little darlings at one point. We toppped up the takings to just over £5 from the club cash float and donated this to parish funds

The layout as usual performed pretty well, with a few derailments caused by the young drivers over zealous driving.

We were packed up and the layout away in our cupboard by 5pm and left tired but happy.