Liphook Club at 31st Midhurst Modellers Exhibition with 6 layouts

The club made its usual annual trek to Midhurst last Sunday to exhibit for one last time in the current Grange building. This time we made a special effort and took 6 layouts constructed by members.
There was a good turnout of 12 members and it went remarkably well.

We had good coverage in the Midhurst & Petworth Observer -full page with lots of pics from other shows and plenty of the copy from us incorporated.


Somehow there was something missing- It didn’t have the same buzz and there seemed a lot of the regular visitors who always pop along to say hello weren’t there. The building work associated with the new (replacement) building, drastically reducing the car parking, together with the first fine weather for a time, obviously didn’t help, but the layout of the hall seemed to have big open spaces in the exhibition areas, which was quite unerving to the exhibitors as members of the public stated wandering through it and sitting in it.

I  thought the organisers would have wanted the event to go out of the current building with a wow, but it definitely wasn’t like that; an opportunity missed I think.

I hope the exhibition next year is invigorated by the new facilities; As our large local event, we need it to be a flagship of all thats good about the practical hobbies all the exhibitors represent. Without that, how can we attract fresh blood into our hobby and clubs every year?

(The comments are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the club committee.)