Weyford on Sea lives on as Chesilford (see alteration works post for latest info)

The former club layout Weyford on Sea still exists and is soon to undergo a transformation.

The geographical location is much the same-Southern Railway/BR(S), west of Weymouth, 40’s to early 60’s but the layout the club loved to hate- difficult to move to exhibitions and able to take up lots of modelling time, with little opportunity to be operated, has one final chance as a permanent home based layout called Chesilford.

Since buying it from the club nearly two years ago, the new owner, our club treasurer, has been cogitating on what to do with it. Scrapping has been on the cards a number of times, but now there is a firm plan to fit it in his garage and turn it from an outward facing layout for exhibitions, into a home layout facing into the operating well. This involes much alteration to the scenery and to allow operation by one or two peopleĀ  a complete re-wire, although DCC isn’t on the cards -yet!

In the coming weeks, months, possibly years follow the progress here.